I got Pins! But, i need some


I got a very large collection of pins i keep in a shadow box that i love to look at everyday but i am looking for some of those Vinylmation pins as i have four of the actual figures (not for sale or trade) but im going to collect the pins as well. I have a mountain of pins but im willing to trade some Retired pins for them. Im trading the old VMK pins i got. Every time i got some, they turned out to be duplicates. Luckly it hasn’t done that to me yet in vinylmation collecting. If you have some feel free to ask me any questions or something. If i dont know the answer ill just make it up! But it will sound correct! :slight_smile:


You might want to check ebay. I’ve seen a lot of vinylmation pins there. I keep getting outbid on the one I want though. Boo.


I have a question about the figures. This was the first year we have seen them, what are they all about? Are they just figures to collect? I saw alot of plain solid white versions as well. Are they designed to get signatures on? What’s the scoop? Take Care.


Yes, the figures are to collect, sort of like collecting pins. The blanks are made for you to design your own.