I got the internship!


I just received the best news of my life. Casting just called :phone: :biggrin: and offered me a position at

:goofybounce: :minnie:

Guest Relations at

The Magic Kingdom!!!:mickey: :mickey: :mickey: :mickey:

Tonight my lifetime dream came true…

I cannot even begin to express my joy and excitement!!!


CONGRATS for YOU…let us know where you will be situated


City Hall on Main Street USA!!!


Oh wow! how exciting!! when do you start?


My start date is June 20th. I have between now and then to pack my apt and find a place in Orlando


That is sooooooo awesome!!! Congratulations and be sure to say “Hi” to Mickey for me when you get there!!:mickey:




AWESOME!!! I’m so happy for you. I hope you keep us posted on every step of the way!! So I can live vicariously through you - what a dream!


Wow! That would be my dream come true as well! I am so happy for you and I hope you and your dh can get moved and start a great new life!


Yahoo for you!! Good luck with your move!:happy:


:crying: I still in a state of shock. I’m 29. Two years ago I was not very happy with my life so I went back to school with a direct focus on having a career at Walt Disney World. It has been tough. I’ve had to work full time the entire time I was in school. I learned everything I could about WDW. I never lost sight my dream or my focus. Somewhere along the way I realized this was my one shot to do everything I wanted. I couldn’t mess up or lose sight of my dream. I made the best grades I could. I put everything I had into this.

Then I interviewed, then waited. And waited and waited.

I almost had given up on the dream. This last week I was really starting to think they wouldn’t call. Surely Mickey wouldn’t let me down? “Had I put all this into my dreams for nothing?”

Well… Dreams do come true. I’m going. My next job is going to be on Main Street USA. The Magic Kingdom!!!


Wow, Valerie! What an amazing dream come true! I am so, so happy for you.

I remember when you started posting before your CP started and now you are just continuing your dream. I’m jealous!

And now everyone here at MB will have a friendly place at City Hall!


Congratulations! What a success story you have. You should be very proud of yourself for working so hard and reaching your goals. And by the sound of it, WDW is lucky to have you as a CM!!!


I know… It has been an amazing journey. I would have never thought it would carry me here.


congratulations. That is wonderful news :flowers:


YES!!! That is amazing news!!! Please don’t be one of those Buzzers who goes and works for the World and then disappears!! We’d miss you too much! I am sad I am going to miss you by just a week! I’d love to make up problems to come see you in GR :laugh:


I’ll stick around. I like this place. A great forum with a lot of nice people.


I’d really like to meet you and the Dave. You guys sound like fun people. I really hope to meet more Mousebuzzers this time. I did not meet very many people when I was at OKW. Being at City Hall is like being in the center of the world!!!


How exciting! I’m really happy for you too!

We’ll miss you when we go the first week of June, but we’ll be back in December and March! You’ll get to add at least a few MBers to your list between me, A Goofy Family, and Trailblazer!


That is the best news ever!:mickey: I am so happy for you! :heart: