I got the job!


Remember the interview I was telling you all about in my other thread?? Well… drum roll… I got the job at the Disney Store!!

I’m so so excited!! I’ve been bouncing around like Tigger all day since finding out!


Oh very well done! You earned it, and now we expect all the insider knowledge! But many congratulations.


Hey, that’s great!

(I wish they still wore great costumes like the CMs there did when the stores first opened…)


Aw, congratulations!! :happy: Have fun!








big congratulations:mickey::mickey::mickey::mickey::mickey::mickey::mickey::mickey::mickey::mickey::mickey::mickey: that is wonderful. do they still get any of the perks they used to ? A friend of mine worked there years ago and go money off of trips to disney.




That’s great–Congratulations!




Hehehe… slowly but surely Mousebuzzers infiltrate “the world” in hopes of gathering top secret info for the masses…


Congrats thats awesome!


Congratulations!!! Very exciting!!! :happy:


Congratulations. What an exciting weekend you must be having. When do you start?


Congratulations and best of luck with your new job!


Congratulations!!! It is so nice to have a job that you enjoy!


Thanks everyone!! I go in on Tuesday to get all my details set up then will hopefully get some shifts for the rest of the week!

I’m not sure of the perks but I’ll be sure to find out, especially about any discounts (especially with a trip to wdw just around the corner!)

Ooo the insider knowledge will be minee all mine muhaha (but I’ll be sure to share it with you lovely people!)




congradulations…happy for you !