I got to see Las Vegas' "The Lion King" last night!


Last night, Rob and I got to see Las Vegas’ “The Lion King” for the first time. We saw the New York show years ago and got an opportunity to see it last night. A friend of mine got us free tickets through her DBF’s job. So, we went. Here’s my review:

LV’s TLK is much longer compared to NY’s. They added a few more songs and took out “Morning Report”, which I was looking forward to hearing. They added extra dialog that clearly wasn’t in the movie. Example. When Scar took over and had Zazu locked up in the bone cage and Zazu was singing. Scar told him to sing something else. He sang “Viva Las Vegas”, which made since being that the show is in Vegas. But then Scar said he feels like he “bucked up.” Zazu says, “You bucked up royally, sire.” Even though that was funny, I thought it was a little inappropriate to include that type of dialog in a family show.
The show pretty much stayed true to the NY’s show, except for a few extra songs that made the show longer. It was great though. The colors were beautiful, along with the sets, costumes, characters, etc. The music was lively, but not as lively as NY’s, especially for “I Just Can’t Wait To Be King.” It is a beautiful show that I absolutely adored. If anyone gets to come out to Vegas and looks to see “The Lion King”, go see it!! The theater is stadium seating and though we were in the balcony in the last row, we still had a great view of the stage and theater.
I give this show an A-.


Thanks for the review!! I have been dying to see this; I was so excited when I heard it was opening in LV!


will be in vegas for 5 days this weekend …so will try to fit it in to an already busy schedule


Fun stuff! I was so disappointed that the Lion King premiered the week after we were in Vegas.

Bucked up… bahahahaha! :laugh: :pinch: I suppose that’s Vegas for you…


Cool. We’re going to Vegas in December and will probably spend a lot of our time doing shows (since I don’t gamble). That sounds like a good addition.
Thanks Maria!


Thanks for the review…We’ll try and catch it for sure.


Just curious - what’s the price range on tickets?


that i don’t know off hand. i never looked up the tix prices. i know there’s a website for the lion king vegas show but don’t know the URL.