I gotta pin number!


Whoo - Hoo … Sorry for the YELLING! :laugh:

We now plan on staying at the Contemporary or maybe another visit to the Grand Floridian… Maybe the Polynesian … Holy Cow were gonna go crazy now picking a deluxe for the whole trip !!! :pirate:


Sweeeet! What deal is the pin for?


50% at Deluxe & Villa, 45 @ the rest. :biggrin:


We have until Febuary 28th to use it.


Happy planning!


Awesome! That is great news… I would pick Poly for sure… I have always wanted to stay there!

This deserves a toast~ Beer in hand WALL? On three…


I have never seen a 50% off PIN. Congrats on that!


We want to watch the Fireworks from the pools in the Poly, But the DW really loves GF and I want to try all the Resorts on the Monorail. The madness begins…


Thank Ya’ …


Really ??? The DW got it on her Email but it’s listed in my name when we fill out the name portion of it.


Could you use it on a split stay? Say, GF AND Poly?
Of course then, you would need to buy another refillable mug since it is another stay…ROFL!


Of course then, you would need to buy another refillable mug since it is another stay…ROFL![/QUOTE]

Whatcha mean “Buy” another refillable mug …
Heck, We’re taking our old ones… HA!


That is awesome! Yay for you!


where does the pin come from - is it instantly recognizable - I get a ton of emails from wdw. I have to admit for a long time i didnt read many - i proof all of them now but i wanted to know if they look any differently


Wow!! I’m so happy for you! :mickey: :mickey: :excl:


Could ya do a few extra days by staying at one of what I call the baby Deluxe Resorts (WL or AK). I really enjoy the CR, but Pam’s and my favorite is the WL. And we can usualy do 4-5 days there for the cost of 3 days in the CR, Poly or GF.


This is the Email with the Pin # located at the bottom of the page…


Rich, I can’t leave out the Yacht Club Resort either… I told the DW that we could stroll (Stumble) out of Epcot right into our room if we decide on that…With no incidents too!!! :laugh:


YAY 50 % :ohmy:Congratulations!! How awesome.
Happy planning!


That would be amazing! Bet DD would LOVE the pool!!