I had a dream


last night that I was at the MK, and it felt so real…and then I woke up…Don’t you hate those?!


I opened this thread expecting a tribute to Dr. King. :tongue:

But, yes, I’ve had those, but I like 'em.


Hehe, yeah, I thought of that after I wrote the title…Sorry to anyone expecting a history lesson! :smile:


Funny, but even when I AM AT WDW, I think I’m dreaming!


I had a dream that Cavey showed up at our Meet & Greet in Jersey on Saturday.


Are you sure that wasn’t a nightmare?


I think we both know the answer to that! :angel:


that’s weird . . . last night I had a dream that I heard back about my college program application. In the dream I got in but a lot of time if I dream something it doesn’t come true! sooo nervous!

but hey, it’s always fun to visit Disney even if it is in your dreams . . . and dreams come true at Disney right?


Well I certainly hope that the dream means that you made it in…good luck!


I’m always dreaming, even during the day. Hehe