I had to do it


We had decided to skip WDW this year and take the boys on a shorter trip to Universal for the Wizarding World of Harry Potter (my boys LOVE Harry Potter). For some unknown reason (I am going with divine intervention), I decided just for fun to see when Mickey’s Halloween Party was scheduled this year. The first one just happened to fall on the day we were going to leave. Well, I couldn’t resist (and I my wonderful DH agreed);so, I had to go ahead and plan an extra day so we could catch MNSHP since we have never done that. :goofybounce: We are going to make that a surprise for the boys, and I don’t know how I am going to keep it to myself till the end of the trip! :ph34r:


you don’t have to keep it to yourself you just told all of us. Have fun at MNSHP it’s lots of fun.


That’s exciting! I really need to look into getting my son over to Universal for the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Your family is going to have a great trip, and throwing a little bit of Disney Halloween magic will make it even better!


Awesome! You’re going to love it!


Yay thats going to be a fantastic trip! I can’t wait to explore HP World this year! We’ll be going to MNSSHP too, woop!


Can you swing by Plainfield and pick me up please. I would love to go see Harry Potter, and then MNSSHP would be a wonderful bonus. I promise I will behave!


I’ll be happy to pick you up and take you with us … think you’ll fit in the suitcase?


Take their Halloween costumes… They may want to dress up… It is SOOOO much FUN! What a great surprise!


We are also going to Universal Orlando … June 24th thru 27th. We may go bqck to WDW the weekend before school starts in August for a quick weekend or wait until the Fall. We will see how much the Universal cuts into our vacation fund.