I hate rides... Question


I HATE (yes HATE) rides. Even when I was very young I knew rides were not my thing. If I was to go to an amusement park I’ll sit back and enjoy the day (I’m in my 30s). So, last year was the first time ever going to WDW, we went to all the parks. My DGF got me to go on most of the rides and guess what??? I loved all the ones I went on! The only ones (thrill rides) I did not go on were Rockin Roller Coaster, and Tower of Terror (that’s because MGM was the first park we went to). My DGF basically talk/trick me in going on the rides, and I loved the ones I went on. I went on almost “ALL” the rides including Expedition Everest; also the entire thrill rides in MK, AK, and EPCOT. I just missed my chance at MGM (because it was only my second full day in WDW). NOW my dilemma! I (WE) loved WDW so much we are going again for 10 days next month (9/07) and I’m still a little worry about going on Tower of Terror… I’m not sure if I can handle the sudden drop. I think RRC will be out of service when we go down in 9/07. So do you think I should bite the bullet, or sit back and enjoy the day?



Woaw, I wish you had found a somewhat less feisty title for you thread.
I thought we were in for trouble.

Yes, sit back, bite the bullet and enjoy the day. And who says you need to love every ride? I don’t and I am happy being at Disney :wink:


YES… bite the bullet… ride ToT… you will love it.
I too dislike rides with big drops… but I love this one!


I suggest you try the attraction. Because there is so much more to it than the drop.


I agree you should try the ride out. If you don’t like it, it’s only about 5 minutes (on the ride) out of your day, and you can walk down the street to Fairfax Fries for a treat afterwards or maybe sit & enjoy Beauty & the Beast.

If you don’t like it, you’ll be that much wiser and never have to go on it again, but if you enjoy it, you can look forward to riding it again on future trips. :happy:

Prezcatz Paul


The drop isn’t that bad. I love it, and force my drop-hating family to ride along with me.


I feared it for a very long time, and tried it on my last trip, and now it is my favourite ride!

I say go for it!


You’ll never know if you don’t. My DW did and now she knows she’ll never do it again. Thank goodnes, cause I would not want to be with her if she ever decides to do it again. Claw marks and a ill mood for about 3 hours. I say try it just to find out. She will ride RNR though, so thats a no brainer. Have a great time. We always do and we dont do rides much anymore…


Try it, you will like it!!! The drop is very smooth and does not last that long. If you liked rides such as EE and the other big attraction rides, you will like this one. Oh, by the way, welcome to MB!!!


Go for it. I hate drop rides, but ToT is different. Most drop rides I feel as though I’m going to fly off into the sky - but not on the Tower of Terror. It is just plain fun. Boss Mouse said it right in that there is so much more to the ride. Try it at least once!


Gotta try it for yourself.

And I’ve found that the more you anticipate something, the better it is when you finally do it.


So MANY things to say here…


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :wink: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

Okay, now my two cents worth . . . it really is pretty tame. I felt more in the backwards part of EE than I did on ToT. Go for it!


I say decide when you get there. I recommend trying it, but when you are actually there and standing in line you will feel right about it or your won’t.

Do know that you can chicken out at the last possible moment. My MIL did this in 2003. She went right up to the elevators and decided she would not ride. They took her down on a regular elevator to wait for us in the gift shop.

Whatever you decide will be the right decision for you.


I would definitely recommend biting the bullet :happy: I love ToT, the drop is really not that bad once it starts, and there’s so much more to the ride than just the drop anyway. Have fun :laugh:


Here’s a little story about ToT.
Many times I have my camcorder and tripod with me. On most thrill rides in other parks you are not even allowed onto thrill rides carrying large metal objects that can be ripped from your hands. On Tower of Terror, I not only had my camera (held tight) but my tripod was on the floor being held down only by my feet. I was easily able to keep my feet on the floor and keep the tripod from even moving.
That tells you the forces involved aren’t that bad.


I didn’t ride rides until WDW and I now love most of them. I have bitten the bullet and rode a lot of them I never thought I would. However ToT is one I will not ride. Good Luck, I cant wait to see what you think after you ride it.


I really really didn’t want to try this ride out, but my partner did so i went on it with him. Now it wasn’t my favorite ride in the world but it wasn’t that bad.


The best thing about Disney is that most of their rides are family friendly . . . they take you to the edge, but not OVER IT!! PLUS, this is not a release and drop ride, they “control” the drop!! :happy:


plove – I htink you should give EE a try. It’s jsut so darn fabulous that it is way more than a mere ride… see if you can do it!

P.S. I hate Teacups, and I am too scared to try RnRC and ToT. I feel your pain…