I hate to fly!


My husband, my two year old and myself are flying southwest at the end of April and I absolutely hate to fly and I am sure that I am not the only one out there… I was just wondering what is the worst flight story that you guys have or have you ever had and experiences good or bad with southwest airlines…


Why would you want to know our worst flight stories!!?? Wouldn’t that just make everything worse?? :wink:

I’ve only had bumpy flights–turbulance. Nothing terrifyingly scary, thank God. Never flown Southwest, but I’ve heard good things! :slight_smile:


We’ve flown SWA a few times and it’s a great airline. I also hate to fly but last summer we had a couple of great flights and I would do it again.


I have flown SW in the past and would fly with them again. We have had some bumpy flights but nothing scary. Good luck. Let us know how the trip goes.


My wife hates to fly and we flew SW to Orlando and had great flights both directions (even in her opinion). It was the first time my children flew and they loved it also. I like flying SW except for the cattle call seating.


I HATE (scared to death of) flying, too. I have now flown twice in the last 9 months on Southwest (to Orlando and back home) and it was wonderful. We are flying again in 12 days (yay!) back to WDW.

Here is a great (free) website to help calm your fear of flying, it has several videos by a long time captain of a commercial airline. Hope it helps: http://www.fearofflyinghelp.com/


wjat a great site thanks so much! :heart:


I tavel semi-frequently for work now, and flying is not one of my favorite things, but I deal with it. I would fly Southwest again in a heartbeat - never have had a bad experince. In fact we just booked our June vacation flights on Southwest.

After the terrible time I had getting home from Portland, OR last week, I would never fly United again if I had any choice (which I don’t always for work). I was 6 hours late getting home. Most of it was late planes due to weather in other places, but when they issued me the wrong boarding passes twice (you’d think they’d at least check to see if it was right the 2nd time) and left us sitiing on the plane at the gate for 2 hours while the baggage handlers took their time loading the plane because it was too cold (and the flight attendants solution to keeping us happy was to turn off the lights in the cabin and hide in the back so we couldn’t bother them) I think my decision is made based on their service.

Anyway, as far as hating flying goes - I always look for someone who appears to be a very frequent traveler. If we hit turbulance or something else happens and I start to get worried, I just look over at them. Usually they are very calm and haven’t even blinked, and it helps calm my fears.


Well mines not so bad. But I was riding Horizon from Spokane to Boise(if you’ve ever been on Horizon you would be scared right there because they’re so small and cramped :eek: ) and it was at night. Well they turned all the cabin lights off and we started having some turbulence. It was pretty freaky being in the dark and feeling the plane drop then go up then drop.

And btw, good for you SW is one of the safest and best airlines in the buisness. I should have flown with them last time :angel:.


And I HATE to fly too. After all the crashes and incidents I prefer just cars :P.


Flying doesn’t bother me.
I’ve been flying frequently since I was 3 years old and it’s just like riding a train.
With slight ear discomfort. :wink:


I like flying…not big on crashing though. :wink:


:laugh: Yes I don’t think anybody is.


My worst flying story will remain untold, however it did not occur on southwest and they are the only airline I fly now. They are the best out there. There was a recent news story about what airlines have the best on time departure and arrival and southwest was # 1 or 2.

Relax is the best thing I can say, southwest has a great safety record.


They say you’re safer in a plane than in a car. Less crashes. They just get publicized more.

I still prefer cars. Planes scare me to death. I don’t have any horror stories, so I don’t really have a reason to be scared. I just am. shrug


Last time I flew Southwest, which was about a billion years ago, the flight attendants sang karaoke over the PA system… it was hilarious! The planes are safe, the crew is fun, and you will be perfectly safe!


Yes, they do get a little crazy on Southwest to make the passengers that are worried feel better.

Once the whole crew started singing Happy Birthday… and they said the woman was turning 100… and the woman was actually the pilot… and she was 54! :laugh:


Yes they do that all the time. They make jokes and ease the passengers. They truly are the only airlines I have been on that are proud and appreciate to actually take part in the flying buisness.


I fly SW about 40 times a year; and they provide good customer service, with some zany flights provided by enthusiactic flight attendants.

But no matter what the airline, if the weather is rough you will get a few bounces - unlike roller coasters you don’t get to choose when the drop happens.

I agree with the comment about cars vs. airplanes - cars you control where you are driving; in the airplane you hope the pilot flies a nice calm route.


You shouldn’t ask for worst stories. I was a white-knuckle flier for a long time but got over it. Remember it’s the safest way to travel by far!

The scariest you get is turbulence and that doesn’t hurt you or your plane (keep your belt fastened). Have fun!