I have 50 points to sell


I booked both of my trips for next and have 50 points left. They need to be used by july.


What is the price per point? Do you know what that could get me in June??


I am looking to go down on May 3 for 2 nights. What could 50 points get me? I would be interested in BWV first then whatever after that.


$10 per point
50 points in June 1-10(sun-thur) AKV studio sv and VWL or 6/1-6/5 = 52
SSR studio for 6/1-6/5= 48 points
BWV studio st for 6/1-6/5= 44 points
OKW studio for 6/1-6/6= 50 points

if you want to stay 11-30 its a few more points per night


BWV Studio StV = 37 points
BWV Studio PreV/VWL= 42 points
AKV Studio SV/SSR/ = 52


When you say studio how big is that. I need something for 5 of us. 2 adults and 3 children.


I am looking for the beach club for jan 25-27. Will that cover it. I also would not mind Boardwalk for the same dates. Please let me know


I studio has two full beds. You would be seriously crammed with 5 people…I was crammed with three.


44 points for Boardwalk Studio with Boardwalk view


I still have 50 points


Can I still get the dining plan if I rent points? If so, how does that work? We would also look at adding more nights, most likely at a moderate. Thanks!!:mickey: :mickey:


Yes, you can book the dining plan if you are staying on or renting points. The best part is you don’t have to buy a park pass to add the dining plan. The member will have to add it for you.


Is the DDP price based on the number of nights that I rent the points for or can I get it for the add on nights too? Do I price it through WDW.com or is there another place to get a price? Thank you!!


You have to book if for the number of nights you have booked. If you change resorts that starts a new reservation and a new dining plan. The price is about $38 per day for adults and $11 for children 9 and under.