I have a couple Contemporary


questions for those that have stayed there. #1…I’m reading the 2008 Unofficial Guide (thanks again Sally) and on page 121 it says that the buses you take to the Studios and AK makes several stops before reaching either destinations. Is that true and if so, where does it stop? #2 My dh loves the boat that goes from the Wilderness Lodge resort to MK. It has a canape on top and looks like the boat in African Queen. Does it also go to the Contemporary or is he just going to have to take around trip ride from MK to the lodge? He’s been wanting to ride it ever since he first saw it and since we’re staying at the Contemporary this year, this is his chance.


Contemporary shares all it’s buses with the Poly.
The boats you’re talking about are the small resort launches. They mostly run Seven Seas Lagoon between MK and Poly and GF. This type of boat also runs the shuttle loop on Bay Lake between Contemporary, WL and FW. Sometimes they use the small boats to go back and forth between FW or WL and MK, but there is no direct boat from Contemporary to MK these days.
We’ve used the SS Lagoon launches to go between MK and Poly or GF when we’ve got dining plans at one of those resorts, and it’s often faster than the monorail, especially MK to GF.


I’m not sure about the boat going to contemporary, but i know that it goes to wilderness lodge because i took it over there once to see the hoop de do show which was awesome.


Without a doubt, since at least this past December, there has only been a direct MK/WL and a direct MK/FW boat with no boat service to the Contemporary. After all, between the monorail going right into the tower and the walkway that provides a brisk 5 minute walk to the Contemporary, there is little need for a boat to go from MK to the Contemporary’s dock, which is on Bay Lake, the other side of a long no wake zone that makes for a 15 minute minimum voyage.


Thanks Soundgod. Looks like my dh will be taking a ride to WL. Maybe I’ll go with to check WL out.:smile:


I am not real happy about sharing the buses, but I am sure it will not be a big deal, just have to plan to leave a little earlier. We are staying at Contemporary in Nov.


Having stayed at the Poly 3 times, the bus sharing has never been a real issue…we use the monorail for MK and Epcot, so we’ve already decreased our need for the busses. Since the Poly is so close to TTC, it seems a lot of people must just walk over there rather than wait at the Poly’s bus stop. It has never been very crowded at the Poly’s bus stop.

Besides, I don’t mind the little bit of a longer bus ride, I like to look out the window and enjoy all that wonderful WDW scenery!