I have a great Idea


Being back on the (single) market for the first time in 4 years,Im noticing all those “match maker” websites are running rampant. Ill tell ya what we really need, is a singles site for disney lovers like us. If I cant find someone who likes disney as much as I do, then Im going to Disneyworld by myself next December. I would rather go by myself, than be accompanied by someone who isnt enjoying herself, and would rather be somewhere else. We Disney people are cool, fun loving folks. I will not subject myself to being held down by a non-believer next December. So, the way I see it, I have 12 months to find a suitable companion, I deem worthy of a Disney trip LoL . :laugh::laugh:


Ha Ha, I love your way of thinking. I do agree that both people need to love Disney. My husband just barley tolerates it. So I take friend trips and trips with just me and the kids. I am sure there is a fun loving,Disney loving person out there just for you. Lets see, are there any MBZ’ers for the taking? I know just wondering. I think you need to start a singles group in MouseBuzz social groups list. Just a thought.


mousebuzz social groups ? I didnt know there was anything like that on here ?


Yes, go under quick links and you will find social groups. You can start a group her on our favorit MB site. Just make a thread asking if anyone is interested in starting whatever group you would like( of course it has to be completly safe)and see if you have any takers.


Thanks, I was able to figure it out. I started one. Dont think Ill get a huge resonse, but oh well, I threw it out there. Ill see what happens.


Do a google search for Disney singles, and you’ll see there are a lot of sites out there!


Good for you. You desreve a real Disney mate. Hope it gets some responses. Good luck!!!


there have been several “mousebuzz love matches” i think (well, 2 anyway…that i know of) - so it could happen!! good luck!!


wow, I didnt think of doing a google search. See, thats why I love this site so much. I spend alot of time on this site…if im not at home computer, im on my blackberry. You guys are all too cool.

P.S. I just earned my Countdown timer with my 100th post…go me !!!


You never know my friend, my matchmaker wheels are turning. :laugh: We all have a lot of Disney friends here, if I think of anyone in particular I will make sure to send 'em your way! :happy:


Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to find someone special, it often happens when you least expect it! I’ve been married for 5 years & I don’t know how I was even lucky enough to find someone as into Disney as me. OH, and I went on a solo trip to WDW this past August & it was one of the best experiences ever! I LOVED it! You seem like a happy, outgoing, social person also, hmmmm… you never know, maybe you’ll meet someone IN wdw on a SOLO TRIP!! Then you’re forced to interact with other people. Hey, ya nevah’ know!


Hey I’m single!!:blush: Well not married anyway.:huh: As stated, there have a been a few love connections right here on MB!!:wub:


You can plan a M&G during your trip too, if other buzzers are at the World at the same time as you. Then you can meet a whole bunch of people!

Also, dont worry if you end up going on your trip alone. I go to Disney alone frequently and its so relaxing and enjoyable! Sometimes if I am having a bad day, I just go walk around or watch a parade. Either way, you will have an amazing trip!


I will totally be your Disney date. Free trip to Disney, and I’m in. Granted, I’m 17, so you might get some funny looks. However, it is legal. :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


I remember thinking the same thing, and when I asked here I was happily directed to some dating sites for disney fans. Gotta love this board! Good luck!


I looked awhile back for myself, and only came up with 1 site: DISMATES, but I think it is no longer and it wasn’t too much of a site. For the most part I signed up and had trouble logging on and I contacted the administrator that I couldnt log on and never heard back! :confused: Then one day I went back and it wasn’t there?!

Oh well… lol


Oh btw, my b-day is in December, Iam free!!! :laugh: