I have a request for you!


If you’re doing the single (or double) digit dance for your WDW trip, please make note to go to the Mitsukoshi store in the Japanese Pavilion in EPCOT. Please? :happy:

There should be a Japanese wedding dress-type outfit, and I’d like to know how much it costs. Or at least the name, so I can search for it on Amazon/eBay/somewhere. Maybe I can afford it one day? O=

I can only hope, you know?


Got’cha covered. I don’t go until November but if you describe it for me a little bit better I will snap a photo of it for you and note the price. I ALWAYS go in that store, it’s one of my favorites in the World Showcase.


I’m doing the single-digit dance!!! We fly down on Thursday :slight_smile: I’ll take a look for you. Can you PM me and give me a better description?


Looks like tinkerbell’s got you covered but, I’d be happy to help out if you still need it! I’ll be flying out a week from Tues. We’ll be in Epcot that day as well as Thurs of that week. I love those stores! They have some totally unique items in the countries!


I’ll look for you too. We leave on next sunday.


I can’t really give that great of a description, since I haven’t seen it in over a year… but I know where it’s at. :happy: It’s in the back of the store, where they sell kimonos and yukatas, on the left display wall (when I saw it last) hanging up. There should be a card in front of the display with the Japanese name forthe dress, as well as a paragraph describing its use. The price should be on there too.

Thanks everyone!


waits patiently =)


Did everyone forget? :frowning:


I hope not. I want to see it. You have got me curious. Maybe someone has Wish’s cell phone number to remind her. Val maybe? You might try sending her a PM.


isn’t there a phone number that you can call that you can get anything at any disney store on property? I thought it was on the reciept. i think i even called it last year.

anyone have a reciept they can check for the number? then call the number, ask about that dress. they should be able to help.

good luck!


I ditto that…Wish is there right now and I know she had been planning on doing it but might have forgotten…send a PM to Val and ask her to text or call Wish to remind her.


I just sent Wishy a Text message. I didnt want to call in case she was on a ride or something FUN like that! :happy:

I will let you know what she says.


Ok Jess texted me back saying the next time she can get online she will come here and check.

OH btw… she said she just got back from AK EMH and went on EE and Kali 3times each!!! I hate her right now, Iam so jeaous! :laugh: :laugh:

BUT! 3 more weeks!!! :biggrin:


Hi, I’m here… we are going to EPCOT later tonight. I will check. :smile: I will say when we went into that store briefly several nights ago it did look like it’s been through some changes but if worse comes to worse I will ask about it & definately take pictures if I find it.


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

I got a message from her that she was standing in line for TGMR, and I wanted to scream!!! I was at the mall, so it would have been really bad to ACTUALLY scream.

I love TGMR…


what ride? :confused:

you mean BTMRR???


TGMR. The Great Movie Ride. Ahh, I love that ride. =D

And thanks, Wish! I really appreciate it!


Ahhhhhh!!! I could not think of what ride she meant! Thanks! :happy:

Wishy has sent me alot of cool pics to my cell!!! :cool:


ok- Now I am way too anxious to go! We leave the 13th and my grandmother passed away yesterday- she was 95 years old! She had a nice long life and died peacefully. My dad (her son) is coming to WDW with us so I hope there will be enough time for him to want to enjoy all that it will offer. I get NUTS when people are there and i am here and they call me! (And they all do!- but not to share like the MB people do- to break my stones that I am not there!- Rotten people I am friends with- torturing me!!!:laugh: :angry: )

Anywho- I am dying to find out about this dress now---- did we find it?

I LOVE a challenge!


Iam excited too T, we HAVE to meet up somewhere!!! :happy:

Wishy comes home today, I believe so we will have to wait for her to get home to find out what happened with the dress!!!

I also CAN"T WAIT to read her TR!!! hint :happy: