I have a reservation for LeCelier?


I have an ADR for LeCelier for October 24 at 5:45 for 3 people. Let me know if you want it.


What a great offer, I hope someone here can use it.


Isn’t LeCelier 2 credits now.


Yes, for dinner it is now two credits.


Or you could just pay out of pocket and use the credit somewhere else.
It’s always a thought.

October 24?

I can use it!

I’ll PM you.


Time to bump this thread.
Mousemom gave me her reservation and I had every intention of using it.
And then I started making my own reservations tonight and was able to get California Grill at 9:40 (which means we’ll be able to see fireworks).

Right now, I’m torn about what to do, but I’m beginning to think I’ll have to offer this reservation to someone else because I’m dying for one of Yoshi’s Spicy Kazan rolls.
I’ll have a better idea tomorrow afternoon, but in the mean time, if anyone else is interested, let me know.

The Cali Grill reservation is for Sunday 10/23.
Mousemom’s reservation for le Cellier is Monday 10/24.

I might have jumped the gun a little because I thought they were both the same day.

This is still a heads up that the le Cellier reservation might become available again, although I am really unsure what I’m planning right now.


Alright Sybil :biggrin: