I have a ticker!


just booked!!! :mickey:


Everything is better when you have a trip booked.:smile:


I cannot get my countdown feature to work … sad :crying:


YEA!!! And you will be staying in a brand new resort! That is awesome!


i am so excited!! the kids are going to freak over this resort!


Wow, I can’t believe the Animation Suites will be done already. How’s the pricing. Is it close to a moderate? Congrats! Do the kids know yet, or are you going to surprise them?


Have a great time planning!!


that’s awesome.
I’m very excited watching my ticker going down…yay less than 1 month til my happy place!


So exciting, I can’t wait for your TR and lots of photos too please if poss?


Choose “Edit Options” under User CP. Scroll to the bottom and enter your information for your trip. Choose Save Changes and do a test post.


That is always the first thing I do after booking a trip, set up my ticker. It is always exciting to finally see your countdown. A bit depressing when there are so many days, but still exciting to see it.


i actually don’t mind seeing those days lol! i’m more excited to see my balance go down lol! the room is about 320 a night. but brand new resort… it’ll be worth it hopefully!


yay!!! Congrats. Life is always just that bit better when you have a date with WDW!!