I have a VERY important announcement!




I will be selling Disney Vacation Club at the new Doorway To Dreams Sales Center here in Long Island!!!

I am BESIDE myself! I just can’t stop shaking!!!


WHAT!!! Tha is super awsome. I would be beside my self. A big CONGRATULATIONS to you!!!


This is why I might need my 60 DVC points…so DH and the kids can come visit me while I am there for training this summer!!!


Congratulations! You must be so excited! What a fun job…you will be surrounded with Disney magic everyday!


Do tell- how did you get that job? (They made a great hire by the way)… we just need all the details! Spill it! Congratulations!


OMG, That is so cool. So you are going to Disney this summer to train.


I have been into Timesharing for a LONG time (since we first bought Starwood in 1997). It has always been a DREAM for me to relocate to Florida to sell timeshare for Disney. My dreams have come true! But I don’t have to move to Florida!!! THANKS FOR THE WELL WISHES!!!


I guess you will need your points after all. I am so very happy for you.


Thank you SO MUCH!!! I received an email in January stating they were opening up the new Doorway To Dreams Sales Center here in Long Island. I applied IMMEDIATELY. I had a phone interview shortly thereafter. Then an in person interview. I received my WELCOME TO DISNEY! call about a half hour ago!!!


OMG, that is so exciting. Congratulations, Kim. Wonnnnerful~


Will you fill us in on all the details when you start work? I want to know about the training and how exciting it is. Granted, it is a job… but unlike any other company in the world. It would be neat to see what you do for training- at DISNEY of all things! How exciting!


I just wrote this on Facebook too, but I’ll tell you again!!! CONGRATS!!! That is soooo awesome!!!


Congratulations and good luck!


Congrats Kim!! That is so cool for you!


Kim, Congratulations!!! What an unbelievable job opportunity. I can’t think of a better place to be sent to train for a job. Good luck.


Wow! Congrats!


OMG, how exciting. See, dreams do come true, especially when it has to do with Disney. Congratulations Kim. I bet you don’t get any sleep tonight.


Woot! Congrats fellow LIer! Floral park huh? I’m just a few towns away in Oceanside ;)!


How exciting! Congratulations!


Hello, my fellow Long Islander!!! Maybe I will see you at the Sales Center in Roosevelt Field Mall this summer! :happy:

Thanks EVERYONE for your well wishes!!!