I have gotten so out of the pin scene


I miss it so much. :[ I’m a huge chip and dale fan, so that’s like all I collect, or Stitch pins. But not goinbg to DIsney in two years has KILLED my collection. :expressionless: I have been needing an E ticket for three years now, and I know it cant be that hard to find now. Im so behind, it’s starting to seriously depress me.

How’re your collections going? :]


I’m not so much a pinster. But I know people… who know people

Hey Deb - help the kid out.


Awh thanks. :] I’m open to any suggestions as to help keep myself in the pin scene without spending HUGE ebay prices.


Wellll…you can get some decent lots of pins via ebay at good prices…or see if anyone here wants to trade…do you keep up with the Disney Pin website? At least there you can see what is coming out and when… Oh and Boss says he will get you anything you need when he goes down in December (lol)…and btw, nice to see you after such a long time!


Ah, well I didnt realize there was a pin site. :expressionless: I’ll look into that, and awh bossmouse is a very nice person. :]

Ah, I knew about ebay’s good lots, but sometimes for the pins I collect its OUTRAGEOUS.


Brer has very specific pin tastes and you have to watch out because she’ll trick you to get a good pin. I oughtta know.


My son has 3 of these sets going right now but none are complete yet.


I’m not sure how “collectible” they are but the Disney Store at my local mall has all of their pins at 50% off. I was considering getting some for our next trip so that my kiddos can use them to trade with CMs.:blush:


I’ve managed to get some good deals on pins from eBay, but then again, I’m not a real ‘collector’, only have a couple of dozen, so I’m not really picky.

Prezcatz Paul


i get my on ebay too.