I have jinxed myself with Deluxe


Our last trip we went Deluxe Dining Plan. It was awesome except for the fact that my Mom only used 1/2 her plan and I didn’t find out till the morning we were leaving…and I didn’t plan for us to be at Evening EMH at MK - therefore we missed a few breakfast ressies.
I SWORE we would not do Deluxe again. Now, while helping a friend plan, I start rattling off all the places I would eat if I were them…I realize, Oh Crap, if I want all this I NEED Deluxe.

I think I might have permantly locked myself into Deluxe Dining…of course, the new DP prices will greatly determine my choice when they come out for the 2011 year.


How much time did you spend eating? I am not trying to be ugly by asking that. I am just thinking about when we went, we did the regular dining plan, and occasionally we did one other meal a day… It was so hard to get everything done. I am crazy about the place, and I get there before it opens, and we stay until close. I am not sure that I would have time to do it all…

everyone has different ways to tour, I am sure.


Honestly, no more than usual. Even at counter service you have to wait in line, wait on your food, eat…The biggest time consuming thing was getting to ressies. Now I know a little more. For instance I love the 2 places we went on the boardwalk area (Flying Fish and Yachtsman)…So instead of going to a park by bus and then getting another bus to get there…I would just plan on being in EPCOT on those days and just go out the back gate.
We were there a week - BTW alot of buffets…Crystal Palace (breakfast and dinner), 1900 Park Fare, Beirgarten, Chef Mickeys, Tusker House…really doesn’t take that long.


I can totally understand that. Even though I love being a Park Commando and go-go-going, I also love having a nice sit-down meal, and I could pick a hundred places I wanted to eat in a several-day trip. I still wish there was a little bit of an in-between option, with 2 TS meals in a day. It is just too hard to pick only one TS per day, or to give up a TS altogether on one day in order to save the credits for another day. I have a feeling if we tried Deluxe, we would get completely hooked on it too. Oh well!


Of course everyone is different and I know the Dining Plans are great for families with teen boys, etc., but just thinking about it gives me a nervous tic! Too much planning, too much eating, too much organizing - just too much!!


I definately cannot do 2 TS in one day. I remember when the new dining plans came out years ago and we had it for free. It was the one where TS included appy, meal, desert and gratuity. Plus we had a CS and snack. I thought that was too much. We wound up not using everything. Believe me, we LOVE to eat but it was a lot. I can’t imagine the Deluxe. It is way to much planning and sitting for us.


We all know what my thoughts and strategies concerning the deluxe dining plan are, so why repeat myself?:tongue:

I changed my mind.
At first, when you start to do your planning, don’t think in terms of dining plans, just think in terms of what you want to do on what days and at what times.
Then slot in your dining reservations and add up how many credits those meals require. If you can cover everything with a regular dining plan, great. If not, how many excess credits do you need? Do you need so many that going deluxe is the more cost effective route or will you do better by paying for the excess sit down meals out of pocket? Again, if you do that, always pay your breakfast buffets out of pocket first as they will be the least expensive meals.


We are doing the DD. I’m not worried about missing anything tho. I planned it perfectly. It should be a lot of food but heck, ur on vacation!!!


The Dining Plan I like, it’s having the ressies made in advance and having to stop doing what you’re doing to get to them instead of just deciding to go eat when you’re hungry that gets my goose. :tongue:


We have never done the deluxe dining plan and I don’t think we will. One big meal a day is enough for our group and I don’t like having to stop for lunch and then again for dinner. One meal a day works for us and lighter fare the rest of the day. Last night I just started looking for reservations for the end of November - anyone else out there going the same time - a lot of the reservations times are already booked. We are trying not to duplicate some of the places we have eaten, but had no choice on a few days.


I agree with the too much of everything. And, not always great for teen boys…got DDP this last trip thinking it would be better for my two teen boys, but two days into the plan, I looked to see how many meals we have left and fell over. Just as everyone agrees who has teenagers, they don’t listen to you! My boys either forgot we had DDP or didn’t listen to instructions on how to use the plan and therefore was doing the normal thing, charging all their meals to our room. So, DDP cost me a lot more money!


I think that it is great that Disney offers so many different dining plans. For our family the regular DDP is great for us. CS, SN, and TS per person per day is just right for us. We like to eat light during the day and either will use our TS for a breakfast or a supper. If the DeluxeDP is for you then I say “Go for it”, it is afterall your vacation :))


Okay. Try a TS breakfast early so u don’t miss much, use a snack credit for a bottle of water or something, a CS for lunch and a TS for dinner (that includes an appetizer entrees and dessert on the DD) and then use your second snack if you want or hoard it to take fun MM rice krispie treats home. Heck or use a snack for like a muffin or something at breakfast w/a coffee in ur refillable mug, snack between then and lunch, CS for lunch and then s signature dining experience for dinner. That way you aren’t eating as much but you don’t waste the credits. Oh, and for those concerned about it being to much food…just bc it includes it doesn’t mean u have to order it. You could skip the appetizers or only order one and share and if you’re heading right back to your room, get dessert to go!!!


Still thinking about it - for my party and trip it will be an extra $800+. We have done Regular and Deluxe. I like both. The problem that I am having is that after going Deluxe and eating at so many great places, when the wife and I sit down to talk about what we really want for our trip and dining…the list quickly grows too big for the Regular dining plan. We have till Sept 13 (our 180 day mark) to either find the $$$ or whittle our list down.
BossMouse - I have thought about paying Out of Pocket for breakfast and using Regular Dining…we will just have to see