I have made my ADR's--any comments?


This is our first trip. I go back and forth about the DP, and today I am leaning towards adding it, lol.

1st day --Ohana for dinner–hoping to kick off the trip with some fun, but not scare my DH back to CA. It’s our arrival day and I’m hoping for a first glimpse of Wishes :wub:

2nd day–Sci Fi for lunch–I think the atmosphere will be fantastic, and I have read to stick to burgers, shakes and the like. Not too sure how the kids will adjust to the time change, so lunch is late. No interest in the Fantasmic! dinner packages.

3rd day–Crystal Palace for dinner.

4th day–Ugh. I have a ressie for the Princess Breakfast in Norway, but I think I will change it. I just don’t know about EPCOT–it seems there is too much choice! I couldn’t decide, so I went with the princess meal for the kids, lol. I am thinking Chefs de France or Coral Reef for lunch…or maybe no ADR.
The F&W fest will be going on, and originally I planned to just nosh around the world. We have a R&C ADR for our last night (hubby will love it there and we’ll hopefuly get to watch IllumiNations). Any help would be appreciated :flowers:
Change of plans: just cxld the Princess breakfast, so I have no ADRs…I think we’ll stick to the noshing around the world plan.

5th day–No ADR’s this day. We will take the day off, swim, go to DTD and relax. We might happen by Earl of Sandwich or Beaches and Cream :angel:

6th day–My DD’s 5th birthday calls for 1900 Park Fare for dinner before MNSSHP.

7th day–We have a Rose and Crown dinner ADR for our last night at WDW.

Departure day–I have a late Chef Mickey breakfast ADR, but I reallly don’t think it’s going to work unless we decide to drive to Tampa on this day to spend the night with my best friend and her family (we will be seeing them midweek at WDW).

Sci Fi, 1900 PF and R&C are the only ones I really have my heart set on keeping. I might try for Ohana on the day off and skip it the first night, but I’m still unsure so for now it remains. After typing this up I have decided to cancel the Norway meal, but not until I decide what, if anything, I’ll replace it with that day.

Thanks for taking a look! :mickey:


Sounds like a great plan so far! What time do you arrive into Orlando and at which resort are you staying?
Ohana’s is sooo yummy and very worth it but was wondering if it might be too long of a day…especially if you will have to transfer from a different resort(if you aren’t staying at the Poly). I guess it depends on you kidlets:) When I have visited during the F & W Fest I find that I get pleanty full just sampling the food from the little booths. But, sitting down at an actual rest. will provide a nice rest time too.

lol…just realized I’ve been no help at all…sorry…


Peppercheese, you are always helpful! And you made me smile :happy:

We will arrive into MCO about 430, and we are staying at POFQ. I am thinking we will take a cab to the Poly to save time, and our ressie isn’t until after 8pm. It will only be 5pm to the kids, and I figure if I need to cancel it because the flights wipe us out, I can do that (I’ll cry, but I can do it, lol).

I am leaning towards the no ADR on that EPCOT day. It’s the rest that is attractive on that day, but I do plan on taking an afternoon break.


They sound good to me. The only thing I might suggest is on day 4 you might want to try Teppanyaki in Japan for dinner. It’s a great location, and really fun and romantic at night. If you miss Illuminations because of it, you will still catch it later in the week at R&C.

I love your idea of noshing around Epcot for the F&W.


Hmmm…what about making a ADR for the free day at Ohana’s too…just in case you have to cancel the first night’s? That way you get to go either way. If you are able to go the first night, then cancel the one for the free day. Or…use them both! You can never have too much Ohanas or Lapu Lapus…especially the Lapu Lapu part :wink:


Teppanyaki is another option–people seem to really like it a whole lot.
Decesions, decesions…


You, my dear, have been helpful! :wink: :heart: I just got off the phone and made a dinner ressie for 'Ohana on our off day, lol.

Oh, and I cancelled the Norway Princess breakfast–it was on Oct 10th at 1025am if anyone is interested! And there is no wait time right now to get through to dining :mickey:


Yay!! I would be so upset if you didn’t get to go to Ohana’s!!! This way you for sure get to go! ALOOOOHA!


ALOOOOHA!! to you too sistah :cool:


Mahalo! :tongue:


I think your choice of Sc-Fi is awesome for a first trip!

Also, YES Teppanyaki was amazing. We just ate there last week and it was the best meal of our trip.


Thanks for the Teppanyaki vote Buzz! We live in the San Francisco bay area, so we have some pretty great Japanese food here. Teppanyaki sounds good, but I’m just not sure yet. Too much to chose from. Maybe I’ll just make my DH plan this day, lol.


It takes more time to get there but we really enjoyed Boma in the AKL


Those look like excellent choices DaisyD. We loved Ohana and Sci-Fi and Crystal Palce are two of our favs. we haven’t tried 1900 Park Fare yet, but are in December, so I would love to hear what you think of it.


:mickey: I can hardly wait for the trip! I’m glad this thread got bumped, it made me smile!

Marialexus, Boma is on my list of “things I wish I had more time for”, lol.

Tiggerfan74 thanks for the thumbs up!


Love your plans. ! :heart:


Thanks Dana! :mickey:


I just made my adr’s also! We are a large family 4 adults 2 Kids 3 & 9.
11-27 ?? any suggestions
11-28 Liberty Tree Cafe 4:00pm
11-29 Le Cellier 8:50pm (Couldn’t get anything earlier!!) any suggestions?
11-30 Mitsukoshi 4:00pm
12-1 50’s Prime Time Cafe 4:00pm
12-2 ?? any suggestions
12-3 ?? any suggestions

Any advice appreciated!


I’ve never heard anything good about Sci-Fi.

If your EPCOT/Norway/Princess dinner is off have you thought about the Garden Grill at the Land?


Welcome to DC Disney4ALL! :mickey:

I have heard hot and cold reviews of Sci-Fi, but we are going to keep that ADR and give it a shot :happy: Milkshakes and a fun atmosphere will be a good first day thing for us.

I like your suggestion of Garden Grill and I’m actually trying to decide what to do that day. I’m tossing around GG, Les Chefs de France and the noshing around the world plan. I just cant decide yet. I think I need a week at EPCOT alone, just to eat, lol.