I have made our ADRs for free dining!


:goofybounce: Yea, for my first time taking advantage of free dining! I booked our ADRs right away as I assume that the prime times will be booking quickly. Thanks to everyone who posted to my many questions today. So here they are:

Day one-- Coral Reef --I just really need a Chocolate Wave
Day two–Kona Cafe dinner
Day three-- Spoodles
Day Four–Jiko
Day five–Breakfast 1900 Park Fare (out of pocket)

The only one we have visited before is Coral Reef. We thought free dining is a good time to try some new places.

To add a funny little note; when I was making the reservations at 1900 Park Fare the CM ask How old is the child that would be dining? My reply: 25! :mickey:

We will def. be getting Tonga Toast at counter service!


This is the quickest I have ever been at making reservations.


Looks good havent been to spoodles or Jiko. Keep us informed.


This is a great list! I am interested to hear all about Jiko! Are you comfortable taking pics of your food? LOL


I’ve only been to Coral Reef. You will have to let me know how the others are.


Looks great! Spoodles is great, as is Jiko. You’ll be eating well :slight_smile:


Yes, I took food pics on our November trip, even though my sister thought I was a little crazy. I told her someone might want to see a pic of what we were having. She isn’t a mousebuzzer so she just doesn’t get it. I’m not even sure I have posted any of those pics!


ADRs look great. I haven’t been to Jiko, Kona or Spoodles, so I look forward to hearing about those, and I loved 1900.

I keep hearing about this fabulous Tonga Toast; where do I get this counter service?



I look forward to hearing about Jiko as well. Nice job on your adrs!


Glad it all worked out and was so easy for ya!


Thanks and good luck with the dining plan!


Thats so cool! And, IMHO, 25 is still a child so have fun!



You can get a Mickey Cookbook that has the recipe for Tonga Toast, then you can have at your counter!