I have my ADR's


Here they are!!! I included times. Anyone have any suggestions or tips?

Coral Reef 6:30
Whispering Canyon 5:50
Teppanaki 5:30
California Grill 7:30 (Fireworks at 8)
Boma 8:00
'Ohana 5:25
Chef Mickey’s 9:10
Crystal Palace 8:05


Wow, those look like great ADRs. Any new restaurants this trip?


Yes some are new. I have never been to Coral Reef, Teppanaki, or California Grill. Six of the people in the party have never been to any of the restaurants so I tried to get some good ones for them!


I think you picked some great places for your group, they should be pleased.


I think they will be pleased! And good for you for trying new ones too! I always try to get my DH to try new ones, but, sadly, he is a stick in the mud when it comes to food.:pinch:


those all sound great!! you will be eating well on this trip for sure!! (((Take food pics))) - that was a subliminal hint!! hahaha!!!


You crack me up!:laugh: You always beat me to the, “Food pic recruiting”!!!:laugh:


They all sound great! You are going to love California Grill!:wub: If you like sushi, I recommend the Spicy Sensation. It is to die for!

I’m so jealous you are going to Teppanyaki! Its not open during our trip next month.:frown: Take lots of photos for me…and the other recruiter!:tongue: :wink: :biggrin:

I’m going to Coral Reef for the first time too. We will be there in a few weeks. I promise to bring back photos for you too!:happy:


Coral Reef should get the prize for Most Improved Restaurant at WDW - we tried it years ago and it was overpriced and the food mediocre. Ate there last Sept and it was delicious! As well as being only one point on the DDP.

Your ADRs look great!