I have PDD sooooooooooooo BAD!


We haven’t been to WDW since February and we don’t have a trip planned as of right now.:crying: Of course, I had to bow out of the girls trip because of my new job so I am extra depressed right now.:crying: I now work for Fantasea Resorts which is a timeshare in Atlantic City/Brigantine and our developer pays for our vacations (not just paid vacation time but he PAYS for our accomodations!!! - well by “us” I mean the sales team:redface: ) and I just happen to be the person who BOOKS the vacations for our company! …so…DVC is in one of our books (Interval International) and I am going to put my requests in nice and early. I know how hard it is to get you DVC owners to relinquish your week!:mad: :laugh: I am putting my request in for Boardwalk, Beach Club and maybe WL. If we don’t get in we will probably wind up staying at Vistana - not too shabby!:happy: I am thinking sometime in March - any advice on March? My DH doesn’t want to go in Feb. again because we froze our butts off last time…I am starting to see a light at the end of my long dark Disney tunnel.:goofybounce: :goofybounce:


at least you have a light!!! We might not get to go back 'til next July or August…at the earliest. Not going to Disney is LAME!!! Reading all these great TR’s lately is really making it BAD!


You can come with us!:heart: We will probably drive so we will pick you up (as long as you aren’t too ashamed to be seen in a mini van:laugh: ).

Reading TR’s is usually fun and I love to look at everyones pictures and hear their stories but lately I want to cry.:crying: WHY CAN’T IT BE MEEEEEEEEEE???:laugh:


Look at my countdown… you will be there way before me I’m guessing…:laugh: :wink:


We’ve been a couple of times in March and really LOVE it! In fact, we’re going back March '08!! Warm enough for the water parks, cool enough not to melt in the parks! March is our school Spring Break time…


Keep reviewing trip reports thats a good pick me up. We will give you support.


I am so sorry …I hate that you are having the PDD…terrible disease… You’ll get there again soon…I know you. You are going to find a way to get there.


Awe, Paula :wub: You were missed on GT '07!!! The only thing to keep PDD away is a new trip countdown ~ so I hope you hear on your dates (and where) pretty soon!!

In the mean time…how about a late fall Jersey Girls Atlantic City Trip??? We can wear Disney tees and mickey ears and sing “it’s a great big beautiful tomorrow…”


I know what you mean about major PDD…it’s been 17 months since we’ve been to WDW. Ugh…and 9 more to go.

March is a great time to go, just remember Easter falls early in 2008 so the last week of march might be busier than normal.


There would have to be major liquor involved with that. Can you imagine the looks? lololol


You read my mind…


:laugh: That is a LONG countdown! However, when I am long gone you will still be looking forward to going!:happy:


Oh, cool! I was so scared it would be freezing!:goofybounce:


Thanks…I am booking today!:wink:


You have to go back soon! We all need more cute pics like in your avatar! Just tell the peeps at work that you have PDD…they’ll understand.


I can totally do AC - anytime! That is a great idea…we can even go to House of Blues or Rain Forest Cafe’ and pretend we are in DTD!:heart:


That’s easy for you to say! You are leaving in like 2 days!!!:mad: :tongue: :wink: :whistling :angel: :biggrin: :laugh: :rolleyes: :goofybounce:


You are so going to be thrilled when you get to walk up Main Street again!:wub: I totally forgot about Easter!!!:eek: …going to look at calendar ASAP…


Well, of course!:closedeye


Thanks!:happy: They should understand already…my new office is totally decked-out Disney style!:mickey: