I have Points to Rent


I have 181 points to rent. They need to be used by July 31st, 2008. I have rented to people on MB before with no problems. They are $10 a point.
You can PM me or email me. Thanks


Hi Shirley

Bumping this up…:mickey:


I should rent points from you to add days before my trip so I could actually get to meet you BDavis and Agoofyfamily!! I am so sad I will miss y’all by a day AGAIN (I was thinking about it and I remember this happened three years ago…we checked in and you guys checked out on the next day!)


Bumping this up again


this sounds like a great deal and if i could get off work before then i would rent them.wish i could help.


hey Shirley…can you give us a link to the point calculator… I have flexible dates and just want to see the difference. thanks!


Nevermind that last post…found one from another thread.