I have the Magic Kingdom one but not the Epcot one


Does anyone have the Imagineering Field Guide to Epcot?


Yes.I got it at Barnes and Noble.Why?


NIKKI… watch they way you say things.

Andrew you were the one who advised that I purchase the book for Miss SMIG


Because I’m nosy.


:laugh: Did I? Well I probably did based on the fact that I have the MK one and like it, I just haven’t gotten around to reading the Epcot one yet. How do you like it?


I was just on Amazon looking at these books. How do you like the MK one?

Lisa :mickey:


It’s good. I wouldn’t say there is a ton of info in there that I didn’t already know, but the pictures are nice, it’s nice and compact, and not very expensive at all.

The info in there is very good, just that there isn’t a lot of it…it’s such a small book.


KentB3 has it.


Andrew, to be honest, I haven’t read them yet, would you like me to make you a copy and mail it to you, I can do it tomorrow and get it out in the mail by Thursday?


Dee, that’s nice of you to offer, but I think I’m going to B&N to buy the Epcot one tonight.

Thanks anyway :happy:


Andrew let me know if you change your mind… you know I don’t mind…


I just ordered the imagineer’s guide to MK as well as Disney War earlier this afternoon via the MouseBuzz.com Amazon link