I have the most awsome mother in law!


I am so happy!!! Well, every year my whole family (mom,dad,brother,sisters,etc) get together in orlando and stay 1 week at one of my mothers timeshares (off site). We are staying a Grand Beach in June 09’. I wanted to go to Disney another time so we could go to the theme parks (because I refuse to go in the summer). I talked to my DMIL about possabily going around my DD birthday which is May 16. I told her all about how I had rented points and it was awsome. So we talked yesterday and came up with a couple of dates we agreed on and I told her I would start looking in into it. I told her it would be about (roughly) $350.00 for the 3 nights for each studio. That seemed fine to her. She called me back about 30 minutes later and informed me that she was paying for the total of the rooms. My mouth fell to the floor. I began to tell her NO WAY was she paying for mine. I was fine and could pay for my own. You see, in my family I am the one that pays for people stuff when they can’t (when it come to Disney). I am the one that will cover paying for the room because I want to really go. So this was really hard for me. I told her,finally, ok.but I will pay for your park tickect and DDP. She did not say anything. I am so greatful to have such a giving DMIL. She is always that giving and now that she is getting social security(which just started this month) she wantes to do things like this. I am truly humble at the acts of giving she does and will humbly except. So,YAY I am going Next Year!!! I just thought I would share.


My MIL would maybe pay but it would come with all kinds of strings attached which isn’t worth it, you are so lucky to have a truly giving MIL.


Well, until I read this I thought that I had the most wonderful MIL in the world, but this kind of rivals that. How nice of her to do this for you :smile:


That is great news…


“I have the most awesome mother in law!!!” - now there’s a phrase you don’t hear everyday.:laugh:

But yours sounds pretty awesome! :happy:


I really am looking forward to this trip because I do not think my husband is going unless he wants to but because of work I don’t think it will happen. My husband is not very thrilled with going to Disney so just us girls (and my son) will ahve time to just relax and enjoy life at Disney without being rushed or with someone who does not care if they are there or not. I will look forward to planning our meals at diffreent restaurants and just having fun with my family who ehjoys being been at the most magical place. My DMIL does not get out all that much on vacations( other than visiting family) so this is nice to just have the opportunity to hang out with her and give her some peace to spend her money without the worry of her husbad wondering how much money she is spending(something she is always complaining about which is why they never go anywhere). Some peace and a vacation,ahhhhh, what can be better than that.