I have to ask


What is the Block Party Bash @ HS?


It’s the new parade that replaced Stars and motor cars. IT’s all PIXAR charactes and suppose to be really great…Hades isn’t in it, so you know I have no interest in it…:laugh:


Here check this out.

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What times do the parade run?


We did know that :laugh:


I briefly got a glimpse of the parade on Tuesday while we were heading from the Coaster and Tower of Terror to Sci-Fi.
I’ve seen the California version twice. It’s OK, but then again, I’m not a parade person.


You mean “What time is the 3 O’Clock parade?”:laugh:


you know me soooo well darlink:heart: :laugh: no hades = no parade for me…lol


:blink: Did someone say the “3 o’clock parade” and I miss it? :blink: :blush: :laugh:


We saw Block Party Bash the other day and I wasn’t impressed at all. It’s not really a true parade since it stops when it gets to your ‘block’ and you really only see what’s in front of you. Honestly, it seemed like it was mostly people in colorful outfits jumping around and very few characters. There were so many more characters in the other parade and they were walking down the street so we could really see them.

Once was enough for this ‘parade’ and we’re parade people.


I don’t think it’s fair for Disney to label Block Party Bash as a ‘parade’. It’s more street entertainment, because as DT said, it stops and the performers do all of their jumping around in certain spots. If you want to see the rest of the parade in its entirety, you kind of have to walk down the whole route.

I personally LOVE BPB though…despite the fact that it has only a few characters…I think that you can’t fully experience this parade unless you have a front-row seat and let the entertainers immerse you in the fun. Join in! It’s embarrassing but it’s worth it! This is a super-high-energy performance, and these performers really put their heart and soul into the whole thing. It’s more about the actual performance and interaction than it is about the characters.


You’re right, you need walk down the street to see all of it. The day we were there that wasn’t possible, the crowds were just too much to walk around and get a good view. It was HOT so jumping around just wasn’t going to happen for me that day but I could see how that would make it more fun. Everyone just sort of stood and watched the day we saw it but I give the CMs a lot of credit, it was hot but they didn’t show it.


Actually last time we were there I think it was 4pm? Could be wrong? You can check the times when you get into the park or you can ask at your resort!

I think it’s GREAT! I guess because we go so often it was just fun and exciting to see something new! I have to say there is a lot of dancing, jumping and moving in this parade and I really do not know how the CMs are going to handle the July/August months!!


I wondered that too. It was really hot last week and they did a good job but that would take a toll day after day.


Man, I can’t imagine how hard it is for them to put up with that heat! :pinch: I thought it was bad enough when they were in California, but…wow. That humidity would kill me after jumping around for even a couple minutes!


That’s actually a leftover question from AK guests, as in “Pardon me, what time is the 4 o’clock parade?”. Guests actually ask this question.
On the other hand, Stars and Motorcars ran daily at 3 PM for several years and they just changed the parade, not the time of day. 3 PM seems to be the preferred time for parades in WDW. AK’s parade runs at 4 mostly as a day ender because they are so often open only until 5 PM.


Sounds like the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and the performance zones where floats and bands stop to perform.

But it is big. It is loud. And it is colorful.

We were well back from the parade, so we were able to take in a more panoramic view of it as we were going to Sci-Fi from Toy Story and crossing the plaza by the hat.
But I guess as long as the kids love it, it’s doing it’s job.


We are looking forward to seeing this on our trip


It’s the most high-energy, loud and all around fun parade we have now. I adore watching it so very much, despite how much the heat may kill Sully and Woody :wink:


We saw the block party in April and DS (3) loved it. He is really into a bug’s life and we were right in front of all the bugs. It is very high energy!