I haven't heard of this


I was looking at Allears dining reviews for Mara and saw this…

[I][B]Mara has a pretty good system for food delivery. You are given a pager after ordering your main course. Then you choose your drinks/sides/desserts and pay. You can then find a table (we loved eating outside) with a console in the centre. Once you are seated you put your pager into the console, there is a beep, and then this is the locator for your food to be delivered to your table when it is ready.[/B][/I]

This is the first I’ve heard of this. Have you???


Must be new. We were there in June and yes we had a pager but we had to get the food when ready. There were no consoles on the table. Neat idea, hopefully someone will stay there soon and report.


The review date is Nov. 11, 2012. So at least a few months old.


A few of the food courts are doing this/have been doing this for a while.
The food court at POFQ were doing this in late November/early December.


I just assumed all the food courts at WDW used that pager system now…it was in place at POFQ last August…however…there wasn’t any console on our table…just a pager in hand…


It was just a plain old food court when I ate there - I only ate there once - I thought it was some of the worst food at WDW.


Mara or POFQ?
And which meal(s)?


I understood they were using this type of technology at BOG for lunch. Can anyone verify that?


They had the pager holder on the tables outside of Mara near the pool area. I remember looking at the stand trying to figure out what it was. No one inside told me about the new feature when they handed me the pager so I’m assuming they weren’t using it.


So the ‘pager’ on my ankle helps get my food delivered?


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I heard if you’re using one of those pagers, you can’t even leave the house without a court order and supervision. And the last I checked, only Superman and Supergirl have super vision:blush:





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Make sure you stick it in the slot on the table, otherwise it will not work.