I Heard A Rumor About Pins!


I was wondering if anyone could help me with it! I heard that along with having anniversary and birthday pins that you can recieve at the front desk of your hotel, that they also have special pins for first time vistors!

Could this be true?

If so, this would be great, because my brother in law’s sister is coming with us for the first time ever this year, on her first trip ever to WDW! And I think it would be great to show her the magic Disney really has, because she has NO clue how AMAZING Disney is. (She thinks it’s going to be like Six Flags… :mellow:) She’s seventeen. But I think it would make her feel really special!


Yes, it’s true.


Oh yes that is true


Thats awesome!!

Thank you guys, for helping me out! ^.^

Does it work just like birthday pins? I just ask at the front desk?


[QUOTE=StaceyDarling!;860171]Thats awesome!!

Thank you guys, for helping me out! ^.^

Does it work just like birthday pins? I just ask at the front desk?[/QUOTE]

Yes it does. Just ask at the front desk and they will give to you.


Thanks so much!

I have so many special things this year, that I’m going to be a little embrassed asking for so much :confused:

4 birthdays
3 first visits
and 1 anniversary :confused:

Well… there is 14 of us… :blush:


Let me get this right…you can receive the first time visitor pin at the front desk…(at your resort?) I thought that you could only get the first time pin at the parks…say at Town Hall in the MK? Please correct me if I am wrong…lol…I need to know this…also since one of my roommates didn’t get her pin this past Jan (as I didn’t know there was a first time visitor pin) can she get one this time around?


I saw more than one person wearing the pin last November. That was the first I knew of it.


If not at the front desk go to customer relations in the park and get them


I aswa a lot of people wearing them last month. Here is a pic of a Disneyland one.


I saw people wearing them in Dec. and when we checked in at Pop they asked us if it was our first visit, so I assume they gave them out at check in.


I have also seen these, but not in time for our first visit!! I didn’t find out until our second or third visit.


The birthday one is awesome. So cute. We always go during DS’s birthday and the CM’s are always extra special to him when he has the pin on.


Are these the same pins (buttons) that you get at Guest Services at the parks? I had only heard of getting them at the parks – in fact, when we got them last trip, AK and EC had their own design, and MK and MGM were the same. If the resorts are handing them out, I would guess they give the MK design?


They do one design now for all of the parks . . . since EVERYONE seems to get them now!

I’ve only ever gotten birthday ones, but it can’t hurt to ask at the resort . . . if they don’t have them they’ll tell you where you can get them I’m sure!

14 of you . . . WOW . . . have FUN! :heart:


Yes, just ask for them at check in. That’s when we usually get our birthday pins because we always seem to be celebrating a birthday during our visits. I’ve seen many people at the resorts and parks wearing them. We’ll be traveling with some “first-timers” in November so I’m going to be sure that they get theirs.


I didnt know you could get them from front desk either. Its always DH’s birthday when we are at WDW and we always got our birthday button from the Town Hall in MK- so thanks for the info.


We got our anniversary ones at guest relations but my DD got her birthday ones from the resorts–and one from ak guest relations since she lost the one she had (they are all the same)

Here’s a pic of the anniversary ones…
(it says walt disney world at the way bottom)


I knew about the birthday pins, but none of the others. I also never knew you could get them at the resort too. How cool!

I love the little things Disney does that makes your vacation so magical!!!


Just another way Disney does things great.

And to clarify for anyone wondering, these are NOT trading pins, but large buttons.

Having said that, the year we went on DS’ birthday, a CM saw his Birthday Button and gave him a Birthday trading pin.