I heard a rumor today


Disney might be closing a mod and a value resort until attendance picks up. Yikes!

Disclaimer! (Take it for what it’s worth but this person also was right about the 4/3 deal and P&PP cancellations.)


Do people even stay at All-Star Sports anymore?


Disney has closed resorts in the past so I wouldn’t be surprised if they did it again. Based on the discounts offered Disney is having to work pretty hard to fill rooms right now. I keep hearing booking is down but RowdyRaider says differently so I don’t know what to believe.


Probably sports and pofq


Was it POR or POFQ that was shut down in 2001 when bookings were really low?


I have not been able to get a Grand Villa, so Old Key West is still doing ok.


IMO I think if anything should close I would like to see POR close. It just wasn’t for me. I liked the sports while I was there but my favorite value is Movies now I have never stayed at a deluxe before but I’m pretty sure even though polly isn’t a DVC resort it will always be my dream resort


What a bummer! I hope it is not true, but if it is, I hope my beloved POR is not the one to close!

I’d rather that CSR is closed to regular bookings, just use it for conventions and all the businessmen who hang there, and maybe even the sports teams/bands/school groups that go to WDW, which would mean that an AS could be closed, but I am not sure which one.


All I can say is WOW! I can’t believe that it’s that bad they would have to close resorts . . . 'specially after they JUST refurbed so many of them.

We stay at Sports a lot . . . and CSR . . . guess I am lucky, cuz I’ve never had cheerleaders or business people problems? Guess we’re never at the resorts long enough to notice? :blush:

Bummer . . . :pinch:


All I can say is when we were there last week it was crowded. In fact I have to say in the 14 trips we’ve been there I never saw Epcot so busy. From what I heard from a couple of cm’s, they expect it to slow down next year. POFQ was closed down in 2001 as was the mansion part of POR.


With all the talk I wouldn’t be surprised if they shutdown a water park as well or a few shows/attractions/parades.

I am sure they can shut down buildings in resorts as well shuttering a whole resort.


Goodness these are all such worrying rumours-but sadly a consequence of this economic climate.


Yes! When we were there Halloween is was so busy too! :confused:


POR is the only mod that my family of 5 can stay, so I REALLY hope they don’t close that down!!:crying:


I haven’t been since the fall but my last trip was the most crowded I’ve seen WDW at that time of year so I am confused by the seeming conflict between first hand accounts of the crowds and the projected low attendance. Maybe all of this is based on not having many bookings yet for next year which would make sense.


ummmm…I don’t want to hear that. We are planning on staying at POFQ in January :pinch:


noooooo we are quite the opposite Tink24- wwe regularly stay at POR and have found it very lovely each time. But everyone is different and of course tastes vary. However, I would doubt very much if they would ever close Riverside or French quarter as the Port Orleans resort is the biggest resort of them all and they simply could not afford to close this resort. It accomodates far too many people. The resort itself was initially Two completely different resorts once upon a time in the form of Port Orleans ( now POFQ) and Dixie Landings ( Now Riverside). Disney decided to then merge the two together.

I would hate to see any of the resorts go but in the present climate nothing would suprise me.


In the past, WDW hasn’t really “closed” resorts, but they have not booked guests at specific resorts for certain times. It might be semantics, but I think “closed” implies permanent or semi-permanent, and I doubt that is the case.


I don’t think there is a chance of a resort(s) being permanently closed. If they were to shut down a resort during the hard times, I wonder if they would consider Pop? Mind you , I love Pop and don’t want to see any of the resorts closed for any length of time. But, it is the resort farthest away from everything except for WWoS. At least with the All-Stars they are in close proximity to DAK and they could make it where they share buses at all 3 resorts all the time to save on gas.

I dunno, I have heard from people who just been up to WDW in the last couple weeks who outside of Thanksgiving said the resorts and parks have been very quiet, even more so now with it being off season.

I spoke with DVC on Tuesday to add another day to our trip next month and at least DVC resorts have brisk business. The CM I spoke with said that the difference is that the members book the trip way in advance and usually have things planned or budgeted out so few reservations have been cancelled


I hope they don’t close AS Sports, I’m scheduled to stay there in May.