I just booked Discovery Cove!


I am so excited!!! The only thing I love close to anything disney is DOLPHINS!!! So to get to do this with my kids is so exciting!!:happy: My DH and I did it in Mexico years ago!! I have been waiting until my youngest was old enough to not freak out about it to do it at Discovery Cove since it is sooo expensive!!!

ANY advice about it? Things to do or not do? I have heard it is amazing.

Also we get a free pass to either Sea World or Aquatica, which we may be able to swing for a day, which would you guys choose??? We have never done Sea World in Orlando just San Diego. And obviously we have never done Aquatica, but it sounds cool!!! What do you think?


ooooh I’m SO jealous!!!
I never got to do this but just about all of my friends did and they had the most magical day ever!
I LOVE Sea World Orlando… far more than Sea World in California.
What is Aquatica? I’d better go look that up.


That is so cool! I can’t wait to hear what you think about it. I would do sea world…tons of fun. Me and my DD loved it there.


WOW Aquatica looks amazing!!! Thats a really hard choice…


I am so jealous too- this is something we have toyed with every year but never got round to doing it- I have heard from several people it is an awesome experience- I will be really keen to hear how you get on.


My family went a couple years ago.LOVED it!The only thing i can recommend is you should bring water shoes. We did and that was the best thing ever. Most people didn’t and their feet got hurt by the rocks in the big pool for snorkeling. Other than that they have everything there you need. Have a great time!


I’m pleased you have booked Discovery cove. It is fantastic, I would advise you to get the DVD of your dolphin swim it seems like a lot of $$ at the time but it is well worth it. also you can get all the photos of your swim and around the park (some with the birds) put on CD.
We did this, the package included DVD + photo CD and two photo key rings (photo of your choice) plus 2 X A5 photos. I’m very sorry but can not remember the price (I think it was around $150) worth it if you get lots of photos around the park and you like photo’s. for me the bonus of this is you all get in on the photos.

Also anyone that is thinking of booking the swim with dolphins it is worth checking out the swim plus ticket.(if this is still available)It was around $15 more but you got access to Sea world plus busch Gardens Tampa and adventure island for the next 14 days. this saving allowed us to book the dinning with SHAMU (absolutely fantastic):heart:

Don’t forget to take waterproof camera with you for when you swim with the fishes.

Arrive early and leave late.
pace yourself when eating plan your meal around the swim. take it easy on the free Alcohol.

[I]hope you enjoy your day I’m sure you will

all the best Jimbo[/I][/COLOR]


Oooo your so lucky I really want to do this!! Sea World is an awsome day out but Im so excited by Aquatica Id say take that option, its new and if you check out the website theres no way anyone could resisit! I can’t wait to try it out in June!


YAY I hope you enjoy it one day I will have to do it …


Wow how great for you and your family I always wanted to do this. I would choose Seaworld we LOVE it there.:happy:


How fun! I can’t wait to hear about your day. We haven’t been so SeaWorld in years, meybe it’s time we think about going back.


OMG you make it sound sooo great!!! I also booked the Premium Birthday package which includes a DVD of the dolphin experience so maybe we can upgrade it and get the picture CD too!!!


Wow, I am jealous!!!