I Just Booked My Dining Resverations Early!


Hi All~
I just booked my seatings for my upcoming trip. I called to ask a question and the CM told me I can book now!!! :tongue: I will be arriving on Feb 10 and leaving on Feb 18.
Feb 10—Get there and just wing this day. Use a counter service for lunch and then use my free voucher for planet hollywood and pay for the rest with cash.
Feb 11— Cinderellas Royal Table for breakfast at 9:15. This is now 2 coupons if you are on the dining plan :nonono2: So this meal better be worth it!!! :pinch: The Cm told me that you now get a picture package with the meal thats included in the price so I guess it may be worth it :closedeye
Feb 12—Hollywood and vine with the fantasmic dinner package.They told me that we are guarenteed thatwe will see the show and NOT have to wait in line :cool:
Feb 13— Boma at animal kingdom lodge. I have never tried this so I hope we like it. :eek:
Feb 14— All time Favorite Chef Mickeys :heart: :heart:
Feb 15— Liberty Tree Tavern. I have never tried this either but heard good things about this. :wink:
Feb 16— Princess story book dinner at epcot. I have heard bad things about this but my kids really wanna do this. I think may be a bad idea :frown:
Feb 17— Lilo and Stich breakfast at polly… Hope to like this… Never tried it. :wub:
Feb 18— Wing this day. We are going home :eek: :nonono2: :crying:


ooo, how fun!!! Good move on trying Liberty Tree Tavern for the first time, you will LOVE IT!!! Four words… APPLE BUTTER & MASHED POTATOES!!! Not together of course, but that apple butter is soooooo good and I loved their mashed potatoes! Be ready to be STUFFED!

Oooo, and with BOMA, save PLENTY of room for the DESSERTS!!! Their dessert bar is the BEST in WDW (IMO)!!!


Thanks for the info. I’m real happy to hear good things about where I choose… :flowers:


Is Boma your Wednesday or Saturday night dinner? If it is,you will love the ribs!!


We just did PSB at EPCOT and it was great. We had the first seating of the day and we got a free picture with sleeping beauty because they were testing the idea of having professional pictures done at the breakfast. As your name was called for the breakfast you got to meet with Aurora and have your picture taken and then someone would bring you the picture by the end of the meal.


Boma ia monday night… I hope we enjoy all of these places which im sure we will…I cant wait to eat in the castle. They had so many openings. I guess no one wants to go as bad now that it cost more $


you’ll love LTT. the food is wonderful at dinner. it’s like having thanksgiving there. this is what the CM told us when she served us during our last visit. it’s a great time, too because of the characters that are there. we had breakfast at the princess storybook in Epcot and had a nice time there. sure the food was exactly what you have at CRT for breakfast, but the experience was fun. i didn’t know that the princesses are there for dinner. i also didn’t know there’s a lilo and stitch breakfast at the poly, too. i only know that mickey and friends, whoever the friends are, are at ohana’s for breakfast.

overall, your PS sound like good choices to me. you will have a great time. congrats on booking them!


When i spoke to the Cm on the phone they told me that lilo and stich are new to the ohanna breakfast. I hope they were right or I may have some upset kids and not to mention an upset DH


Congrats on taking advantage of the new early booking! I think all your choices are great and you will like them all. Have a great time in Feb!


I have gotten PSs way outside of the usual time limit as well! I think they must have a lot of flexibility and will try to accommodate guests as possible! P.S. Please post about Boma – never tried it!


I called today (AGAIN) and did cfm that polly has lilo and stich for breakfast… They said it is very new…


Yes, it was a recent change. We are looking forward to trying it in Dec.

I hope you like Boma & Liberty Tree Tavern. They are two of our favorites!