I just booked my ressies for JUNE!


I can’t believe I made my ADR 6 months in advance! This is a first for us.
This is how they go so far::

Thursday 17th: nothing yet

Friday 18th: Maya Grill breakfast buffet

Saturday19:Le Cellier Steakhouse dinner, couldn’t get the time I
wanted :glare:

Sunday 20th: 1900 Park Fare, dinner

Monday21st: nothing yet

Tuesday22nd: Teppan Endo, dinner

Wed 23d Nothing yet

Thursday: home:closedeye

These are all first for us. I don’t think I’ve ever been this exsited to go before. It’s going to be my first ever large family (30 of us, all my in-laws) vacation:happy::heart::happy:
I’d love any other good ideas for resturants. Or just any ideas,for fun stuff!
Thanks in advance everyone :heart:


Holy cannoli!! Did you make ressies for all 30 of you?!?!?! Are you doing any Grand Gathering meals?


I dont know what parks you are going to on the 21st and 23rd but…
if you want to do breakfast on either of those days, I would say go to Cinderella’s Castle or Crystal Palace or Chef Mickey’s!
if you want to do lunch I would go to Princess Storybook!(but mostly for girls)
if you want to do dinner I would say go to Hoop De Do Review!!! so much fun for the kids!


No!:laugh::laugh: 10 of us. And she couldn’t say for sure that we’d all be able to sit together at LeCellier.
I could never organize all 30 of us, heck I haven’t even meet 1/4 of them.

What does the Grand Gathering have to offer???


Arangements for large parties. THey are a great help trying to tie it all together. Call.