I just booked our flight


Well half of it.

I was just looking around playing with different sites pricing flights when I decided to check to see if SWA had their summer dates up and they did! Our flight down was only $99 each so I grabbed it. Our flight home was $151 so I didn’t book it, hopefully I’ll catch it at $99 later. My DH has to work/teach the day we depart so there was only one flight that would work for us and it happened to be the cheapest that day.

I’m so excited. This trip is a surprise for our son, he has no idea we’re going. He thinks our only vacation is Hilton Head Island, he’ll never guess we have a second trip planned.

This makes it feel so real.


That’s a great rate! Our kids were SO excited when we did the surprise a couple years back, but its SO hard to keep the secret!! And you’re going to LOVE HHI, too! Are y’all going to fly to HH or drive? If flying, which airport would you fly in to?


Thanks, I really didn’t expect to get a flight under $100 so I’m excited. I’ll keep watching the price for our return flight.

We’re going to drive to HHI. We’ll want a car and there’s 8 of us going so we would need two cars for a week. It’s going to be about 14 hours from home to HHI, easily done in a day. We may even get a head start by going to my DILs the night before. The family we’re going with has family in the same town so they could crash there and we could meet up in the morning and head out. That would give us a few hours head start and make the drive easier.


That sounds like a good plan! It’s exciting planning for a trip - - so you’re having double the fun! We are in that “everything’s planned and there is nothing left to do except WAIT” mode right now, lol.

But we have been working on our summer trip and are pretty much narrowed in on a summer trip to Chicago for a few days and then a visit to G’mas in NW Illinois for a few days after that. So time to start planning that soon!


I think the waiting is so hard. I’m far enough out that I haven’t really started any true planning so I have some work to do. I’ve started a sheet with plans but I can only come up with one restaurant I really want to go to. I’ve never been this stuck before, I’m hoping I’ll get some ideas when that 90 day mark gets closer.


Good for you! What a great surprise for your son. All of you parents and your great surprise trips for your kids! Makes me feel like I’m slacking in the parent dept! lol I hope you have a great time!


Wow, that’s right around the corner!


I know. I didn’t expect SWA to have July and August up so early, it seems like I always have to wait for them to open their dates.


I have fun with the surprise part and my DH likes that I can’t talk about the trip all the time.:laugh:


Stephanie thats wonderful and ooh I love surprises!


I do too. I’m excited about the surprise part. Last night I told him that we’re thinking of going to Washington DC next summer and he said “NO, Way! We’re going to WDW next summer.” He hates the thought of skipping a year even though he’s the one who wanted to go to the beach (HHI) this summer. After I booked HHI he said he really didn’t think it would actually happen. :laugh: I’m so glad we have this surprise trip booked, he’s going to be so excited.