I Just Booked


… The Segway tour for Tuesday 18th July at 8.30am!!! :huh:

Has anyone done this? Is it as good as it seems?


Awesome! They look SO fun! I haven’t done it yet but they do look like a blast!


Congrats ! That looks like a blast. I can’t wait to hear what you think of it. I think mickey did it if my memory serves me right.


We saw a CM on a segway when we were there the other day! It looks like SOOOOOO much fun!!!

You’re gonna have a blast!

If you do a search, there is a report from when someone did a segway tour on DC. I can’t remember who it was (soundgod maybe?) I am not sure.

But, either way, it was a great, detailed, honest report!


My DH and two friends did it last summer and loved it. He said he would gladly do it again on another trip. He still talks about it when it comes up.


No, but I almost got run over by one…


Erin’s right! I got curious and did a search, here is the link to one thread that had the opinion of a few different DC’ers!


Have fun!


Never tried these … yet! When my boys are a little taller, we’re going to give them a spin, provided they still offer them of course!


I am thinking of doing this when we go in early December. I think it looks cool, but BF thinks it looks “dangerous and nerdy” (there’s a combo you don’t hear everday). Just have to keep working on him…



LOL – dangerous and nerdy… I love it!!

DS isn’t old enough for any of the tours (other than Family Magic – and we’ve done it twice)…I can’t wait until he’s old enough (or DH and I get a trip by ourselves) they look like so much fun!!


This has been our problem, so now we have a trip with out the girls we get to play on the Segway! :biggrin:


Of course I am right! :c)