I just can't believe it. . .I have to say it


I am driving everyone crazy in my house. . .but I just can’t believe it. . .23 days til we visit the Mouse!!! :mickey:



Did I mention its freezing here. . . 30 degrees is the high. . worse tomorrow. . .23 DAYS!!!


Drive em crazy! That’s something to be excited about! I’m about 10 days behind you!


20 here!!! i feel ya.


29 here and driving DW nuts. :mickey:


5 days here, but seeing your history its not like you haven’t been there before. I bet they want to check menus, look at last years photos etc.

Just do what I do, read the Disney reviews on Tripadvisor, then worry about all your choices, It will pass the time.


I say DRIVE EM’ CRAZY!!! I’m 11 days out and I can hardly stand it, I’m sooooo excited!
And I feel ya on the cold weather! I’s 21 now with howling winds…
I’m sooo over winter, I can’t wait for the warm sunshine.


0 days here! I’m sooo jealous! haha. You guys are all going to have a great time!!


Have a wonderful time…it will be here before you know it.


Thanks everyone! I knew you would understand :flowers:


THAT is something to celebrate!


Wow, def CELEBRATE!! Hope everyone has an awesome time!!


oh so excited for you- have a magical time and we’d love a TR with photos please for us suffering ‘wishdrawals’


Don’t worry, I am a pathetic 37 year old man that is insanely ready to go myself. I am over 115 days still and I seriously check my reservations ever day. Sad sad sad. I need some Disney now!


Im super duper excited myself, on day 30 Im sharing the good news with my daughter so I dont have to hide it anymore and she can share in my excitement:mickey:


First trip??!!! Oh, how wonderful!!

We just went shopping for shorts and t-shirts. . .I think we are all set. Just hoping now for no big snow storm on the day we fly out! :wacko:


I can’t wait to go!!! It is snowing here and I noticed that the high today in Orlando was 83 degrees…I can feel that warm sunshine on my face already!


20 days for me! Traveling wth a group of 50+ people. SPRING BREAK! BOOYAH!!


creeping into the 42 day category…for a sweet 12 nights