I just got a great deal at HRH and had to share my excitement


I just had to share my excitement about the great deal I got at HRH. I changed our room only reservation to the new Kids Play Stay and Eat Free deal. I saved $60 a night for my first night, and then I had to pay $40 more per night for the other 3 nights. I figured, I am really only paying $60 more total for my theme park tickets for the 4 of us and the kids’ meals. The park tickets would have run me $200 alone since they are running a special where the kids tickts are free with the adult tickets. I was also upgraded from the standard garden view room to the deluxe room that is 125 square feet bigger and since there is a pullout sofa, the kids do not have to share a bed. The reservationist also told me there is a possibility that I could get an upgrade to a suit when I get there. This is definitely my lucky day!


Jeannie -
Congrats to you! Awesome deal!


Aw…excellent! You’re going in December? And you got that deal at Christmastime?


Yes. I feel so lucky! We will be at the Hard Rock from Dec. 21-26.


Wow great deal! You have a good right to be excited!! :happy: :happy: :happy: :happy: :happy: :happy:


Pooh Fan… that is a great deal, and you will have so much more fun, just knowing that you aren’t breaking the bank! I love it when a good plan comes together!


Great deal! We got the tickets free as well, but skipped on adding the tickets plus kids eat free when that came out. It actually would have been only about $100 extra for 5 days, but we don’t really like the counter service restaurants, so I flet if we did it we would feel forced to eat where we wouldn’t normally choose to.


Awesome deal.
That is going to be great for your family!


I can totally understand that. I think that you can use the kids eat free at the hotel restaurants, but I am sure that we will still eat at Margaritaville and have breakfast with Spiderman even though it is not included. Margaritaville is tradition for us, and DS absolutely loved having breakfast with Spiderman. Where are you staying when you go this summer?


HRH club level!!! I can’t wait. That was another reason not to add the meal deal. We are staying 5 nights. Last year we stayed at RPR and got really hooked on club level. We did breakfast there, had a snack in the park. Went back to the lounge for an afternoon snack, and then did a nice dinner. Tchoup Chop is becoming our arrival night tradition. And we HAVE to go to Margaritaville. I’m also hoping that Bubba Gump Shrimp Company is open by the time we get there.


I love the HRH; what a great hotel. No doubt you will have a terrific time.


That sounds wonderful. I am having to break DH in slowly. Every time I tell him I have made our reservations for Universal, he has a heart attack over the price of the room. I guess it would help if we would go during another time of year instead of paying holiday rates, but it is so fun at Christmas. I would love to try the club level someday. I look forward to hearing how you like the HRH. We are hooked on it. While we enjoyed our stay at RPR on our first trip, we really like the HRH more.