I just got a PIN!


With just 10 days left before our trip, I received a pin via email for FREE Quick Service Dining!

Enjoy the Disney Quick-Service
Dining Plan, FREE

when you purchase a 4-night/5-day non-discounted Walt Disney Travel Company vacation package that include accommodations at select Walt Disney World Resort hotels and Theme Park tickets for stays most nights 2/28/10–7/3/10.

We had the $300 GC but I immediately called and changed our reservations. This saves us money over the GC and I am thrilled! I’ve been waiting for a pin for quite some time. Anybody else get this pin?


no, but I wish!!! your pretty lucky!


Very lucky!! Enjoy your trip :slight_smile:


That is great! Enjoy your trip!


:happy:Good for you!! Isn’t sooooooo great!:happy:


I’m so happy for you !!! I hope they have more deals this summer.


Doesn’t saving money always make Disney a little more magical??:happy:


I forgot to add…Have a great time!!


Yes! :laugh:


I’m new to this forum so excuse my stupid question… How does one come about these pins? We just spent 5 nights at WDW (POFQ) the first week of January and the weather was SOOO cold that we are planning a “make-up” trip in September. I haven’t found any decent discounts yet for that timeframe, so I haven’t yet booked and am still looking…




They dole out thein pin numbers at random. I wish I could tell you otherwise.

oh, welcome to MB. We hope you like it here :happy:


Disney emailed us one in Jan of 2009 probably from our August 2008 trip. Have not seen anything from our August 2009 trip though. We got free dining in 2009 and are using the 35% room rate deal for this year. Keep an eye open and good luck.


Yeah i just got a pin to can’t use it this year but it is good to know Disney still loves me as much as I love them. My car put a damper in this years trip. I needed a new engine, and I need my car to go to work to pay for Disney trips, so our next Trip will have to wait a year but it will make it that much better when we get back.

Very happy to get the pin even if I can’t use it but I wish they were tranferable because it seems like such a waste sitting around in my inbox staring at me. lol


I don’t think I have ever gotten a PIN!


We are leaving for our trip in three weeks and we just got a pin for free QS dining. I’m wondering if this is some sort of new “bounce back” type offer? The dates are for Feb.28-July3. Won’t work for us, but interesting to see new offers out!


How wonderful for you…I get pins, but haven’t in a few months. I never get to use them, sucks that they aren’t transferable. :blush: Have a great trip!


Alright I want a pin for my aug trip. I’ve never gotten one… Where do u sign up?:huh:


We got the same one Mickey Mom, which time wise doesn’t work for us :frowning:

We’re crossing our fingers for Free Dining in September, and see if it follows along the same lines as the UK offer…


Pin for August trip? Hopefully you got the gift card or the room discount…