I just got our Give a day get a day vouchers


I just rec an Email to print our vouchers.:goofybounce::goofybounce::goofybounce:

I am so excited. I cant wait to use them. We are going Sept/Oct but I was thinking of using mine for a quick weekend get away in March for my birthday.

Does anyone happen to have a picture of the ear hat figure with pins that they are offering?

Thanks all!!!


Awesome! Congrats on the volunteerism. :happy: Enjoy your day at Disney when you go!


Thanks! The only thing that we could do around here that was aged for ALL of us was a clothing drive. It was for children shelters.

Im thinking of using the ticket for the pins. NOt too sure yet. To be honest I want to go use it this weekend:laugh: Its just like vacation days at work. If I know I have them I just have to use them:laugh:


we’re volunteering at the local boys and girls club next weekend. Painting, making relief boxes for Haiti, and Valentines for the elderly. It sounded like a good activity for my boys to participate in…looking forward to it.


We’re volunteering next Tuesday at Arc’s Value Village. DH took the afternoon off from work. I’m excited to go and all three kids are too!


We’re going next weekend also, with my bestest buddy-ktcheck-the kids are looking forward to it. Just have not told them about the Disney ticket part- I want them to learn about volunteering and not to expect something in return!!