I just got the chills!


In less than two months (count 'em!) I am going to go to the Golden Horseshoe and hear that crazy player piano music, and I am goint to shoot those guns at the arcarde. And that’s going to happen AFTER I have ridden PoC a couple of times, Splash a few and BTMRR just once!!! And this time, I am NOT going to get splashed on the bridge!

And then I am going to walk over to the HM and enjoy it at least twice! Take the back road up to Fantasyland and do Peter Pan (carefully avoiding IASW) and then ride the Carousel, which I have never done!

Next, I will eat a Mickey bar on Main Street and mosey on over to Space for evening FPs and then I for once will WIN Buzz Lightyear, since I have the secret high-points target from DC that nobody in my family has!!!

After gigantic hamburger and fries dinner at The Plaza (also new for us!), a quick ride on the JC before a nice little fireworks show, eh?

Adn that’s just our first day!!! Yeeeeeehaaaawww!!!

:biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:


Yeah for Miss Disney. I am so excited for you!!! :heart: :heart: :heart:


WOW! I love planning…but WOW! You’ve got the whole day planned. I didn’t see any bathroom breaks scheduled in there, so maybe you shouldn’t have drinks with all your scheduled eat breaks… :wink:

Sounds like a pretty good first day. I must APPLAUD you for your wise decision to stay clear of those evil little devil dolls in IASW. I’d hate to lose one of my favorite DCer’s to their evil plot to take over the world… :eek:


No Hog! There is NO TIME FOR THE BATHROOM! I have started cutting back on my kids’ water bottles and juice boxes already! I myself haven’t had so much as a glass of wine in a month or so! This takes military precision, and the troops are ready to tackle the terrain! LOL


I’m sorry…I didn’t realize I needed to salute when I left this thread. My being a military man, I should have known. You give the term “Commando” a whole new meaning… I hope you can overlook this discrepency… :biggrin:


Um, did you intentionally leave out Country Bear Jamboree?


YEAHHH!!! I can’t wait to read your TR Miss Lady!


Wow! I just realized we have never done Country Bears, and we have never done Hoop Dee Doo… hmmmm. I see a pattern here! :tongue:


Why do you discriminate against us Country folks? We’re people too, ya know… :tongue:


You gotta try Country Bears!!! It rocks!


Sounds like a great plan…can’t wait to hear all about it in your TR!!


WOOO HOOO!!! 2 months for ME too!!! YAY MISSDISNEY!!!


Me too! Me too! I want a Mickey bar too!!! Don’t forget about a chocolate chip cookie on Main Street and turkey leg in Frontierland and Dole Whip in Adventureland and…:laugh:


ohhhhhh! I can’t wait to see the trip report!! Your plans are great! Have fun!!! :wub:


I have one request … take me too … I so have PDD


We’ve missed Country Bears the last 2 trips!!! I’ve told Lil’ that is not acceptable this time (neither is a 45 minute wait for those stupid Indy Cars in Tomorrowland–why can’t THAT attraction be down for rehab, instead of TT!!!)


I hate the Speedway too!!! It’s like two hours chopped right off the vacation!

And I love turkey legs, ssjaz!!! Say this like Homer: Mmmmmmm turkey!


Oh man, I just checked it out – Test Track is our favorite ride! We have gone on it as many as four times a day!! It says it will reopen on the 14th of February, but that’s just 6 days before we get there… Do the rehabs finish when they say they are going to finish??? What if the rehab takes longer and we don’t get to ride??? :crying: