I just have to say


There are some really AWESOME TR’s floating around right now!!! And I appreciate ALL of them–they are really helping with my “I NEED TO GET TO DISNEY ASAP” syndrom that I have come down with latley!!

So thanks!!!


I totally agree. I am really enjoying reading the trip reports. It certainly halps with the PDD. I don’t think my trip will ever get here!



Reading these every night when I get home from work, renews the magic that is diminished while I am cleaning dirty, greasy floors at night! Thanks guys!


Love the trip reports they are filled with great tips.


I am thouroghly enjoying them as well! I only hope mine can live up to this steep competition!


In total agreement here.


Just remember to hand one in when you’re back from your BIG trip…:ph34r:


I am right there with you bella. the reports have been AWESOME! It’s helping me out with this wait…I have SO long yet!


Right on Bella.

This is my favorite spot on MB. The stories are so much fun to read, and they do have wonderful tips in them.

And they most certainly help with my PDD that is quickly setting in since I came back home.:crying:


I totally agree!!! I personally can’t wait to read llama’s next installment.