I Just Might be DC's Newest DVC Member


I paid my deposit. The paperwork is on its way. I’ve been educating myself about it for a long time now. It’s just a matter of signing the papers if I decide to do it, or refusing and getting my deposit back.

Wish and Boss have been very helpful in helping me make this decision.

But still, I feel overwhelmed and reluctant to take the plunge, though I almost defintely will.

For the record, I’ll be buying 150 points and SSR will be my home resort (the only one currently available). I’ll get the 150 points from September 2005 right away and another 150 this coming September.

I will be financing, and I was lucky enough to lock in on the family and friends discount on the last day it was available, yesterday. (Thanks for the referral Wish).

Everything seems right, yet I’m still a little apprehensive.

Is there anything else anyone can tell me to either persuade or dissuade me from signing by the Mickey Ears?


Andrew, if you were standing next to me, I’d slap you in the back of the head and say “Sign the papers, fool”.

Either that or 'Trust me".

Saratoga Springs is awesome. Denise gets a birthday spa treatment and loves that place over the others she tried; The pool - way cool; The bus service (in 2004) was awesome; the rooms spacious. Remember there are 7 of us, and now the boys work out w/me so we take some shoulder room. Not a problem there. I could go on … errrr … I guess I did …


The yearly fees would disuade me - those seem like a lot. When my brain sees the ads for 4 can go to WDW with park tickets for $1500 total it just can’t see it. I don’t mind the value resorts so I guess DVC is not for me. If it weren’t for the fees it might be different.

But, I’m happy for you if you do it!! :mickey:


You won’t regret it one bit! This is something I would love to do, but unfortunately my DH is not as fanatical about WDW as I am! :dry: He loves it, just not in that crazy way that we here at DC do! I think SSR looks like a great resort and I can’t wait to see pictures that you take from there! CONGRATS!!!


One minus would be having to stay at the same resort every time. We love getting to go to different ones every trip. I’m not sure I’d care as much for the DVC resorts as for the more fanciful ones, either, honestly.


I’m in the same situation, DW is not a huge fan like I am. I received my DVD and not the kit is on the way. I’m really looking forward to digging into it. I figure my daughters are young, I’m a HUGE Disney fan and looks like we’ll be going every year anyway so we might as well do it.


Good for you! I hope it works out!


Actually, though you would stay only at the DVC resorts, you don’t have to stay at your “home” resort. SSR will be my home resort, it’s the only one available to buy into, but I can still stay at OKW, WLV, BCV, BWV etc. And each one has its own point value depending on season.

But yes, the days of staying at a different value/moderate/deluxe resort would be over.


I decided against it because the yearly fees were almost equal to what we would pay for a week using discount codes,etc. Of course we don’t stay in the fanciest resorts but that suits us just fine. The maintaince fees can continue to go up and you really dont “own” anything, as your rights do expire. I don’t mean to sound like a negative Nancy but if I were to do it I would probably buy through resale and at least save a few bucks per point that way.


No more Animal Kingdom Lodge and seeing the giraffes eat breakfast when we wake up and look out over the balcony??? :eek: :crying: :nonono2:

Nope, not for me then. Me loves me them giraffes!*

* despite the Bizarro joke before this is a different usage of “me” as the subject (rather than direct object) of the sentence, and is actually inspired by Margaret Cho’s “Me loves me some Merchant Ivory!”


Congrats to you. That is AWESOME!


Everything is relative to the our situations. With a family of 7 it made good sense for us. And we know we will use the points as often as possible. Financing the room costs (and the dues) makes it more manageable for us.

Others could work deals in their favor, like Karlibug. I don’t see much room to vacillate. The program will be awesome for you or you don’t need it. Not much grey area.

It’s like Like Bob Dylan - you hate him or you love him. No one says “he’s ok.”


Congratulations! Good luck on what ever you decide. :mickey: I would love to join, but I’m in the same boat as Princessbaby and DayDreamer, my Dh likes WDW but does not Love it like me :wub: Maybe one day he will change his mind…one can only hope :happy:


Hey chastmastr! I only joined a month ago and I already have two reservations NOT at my home resort. A girl at work, who’s been a member for 8 years has NEVER stayed at her home resort! I am actually looking forward to trying ALL of the DVC resorts b/c I haven’t really stayed at any of them. Should be a blast getting to try a new one every time!!!


These were some of the deciding factors for me…

If any of you remember my signature I have been going to WDW once or twice EVERY SINGLE year since I was 5 years old. Is that gonna stop anytime soon? NO! The amount of mioney I’ve spent in the past FOUR years on Disney trips would have paid the DVC off in CASH. How could I go on the rest of my life spending that kind of money when after DVC is paif off I will be locked in while everyone else is paying rising resort costs?

And ACTUALLY, having once lived in the land of timeshare heck (FL) & having several realtor relatives the DVC annual dues are actually comperable or even LESS!

Boss said it makes sense for him b/c he has such a big family. Everyone’s situation is different but it works for my DH and I (with NO children) b/c we know this will assure family vacations and growing accomodations if we ever DO have a family.

I don’t know, but I will say Andrew… it frustrated me when I sat down and calculated the cost of our last four Disney trips and i saw that RIGHT THERE would have paid the DVC off cash!! WOAH!

I was VERY VERY reluctant at first. I went to my first “open house” for it TWO years ago and i was like dead set against it. It took talking to MANY members, crunching the numbers, and research to realize it REALLY was an amazing deal!!

WOW, andrew, and look how much money you SAVED with the referral program. That’s REALLY significant!!

and, THANK YOU for using me as a referral! I so appreciated it!


I agree with what Wish said. It really truly comes down to who it works out better for. Like she said-4 years of trips and DVC could have been paid off. I have no idea what this will cost you, but you’ll just have to sit down and do some number crunching and comparison and make the decision that works best for you! Good Luck!


But you can only stay in the DVC resorts, right? :crying:


Great thread. I got some great advice thanks! :happy:


you CAN stay at poly, GF, AKL, Contemp., fort Wilderness, Caribbean Beach, CSR, and Port Orleans too BUT it is ALOT cheaper “points wise” to stay at any of the 5 WDW DVC resorts.


That’s really great!!!
Congrats again to you both!!

Now does anyone know if the rumor is true about the Contemp.?
I hope so because I would really Loooooove to buy into DVC if Contemp. hops on board! :angel:
I have been thinking about DVC for awhile but can’t afford it right now. :sad: