I just saved a ton of money on my


Okay, maybe it wasn’t a ton… but I did just save over $200 on our hotel ressies at the Dolphin. I had a discount with the teacher rate of $159/nt but allears just posted a Swan/Dolphin discount code for $139 for Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. More Christmas shopping money for me. Hope this helps someone else out too…


TEACHER’S RATE??? :eek: Oh my, did I MISS something really important here? Please give us teachers that info!!! :wink:


Good for you, I am glad. I saved some money for our upcoming trip too.


Yes, the Swolphin offers discount rates to teachers, nurses and government workers. You call and ask for the special rate and just bring proof of employment with you when you check in (they do check), such as a photo ID or paystub. You can book up to 3 rooms with it. Allears has a table of all the discounts. http://www.allearsnet.com/acc/sd_discounts.htm


Good news Belle’s Momma! Always nice to SAVE money!


For a second there I thought you were going to say car insurance…lolol Congrats on your savings! Every bit helps with the holidays coming. :heart:


This is so cool! And I loved your thread title! Very funny!


Good going. If they have a teachers rate, I wonder if they have an Innkeepers rate as well.


That is great news! Hey every penny counts.


I wonder if this would work for substitute teachers?? My paystub is from the Board of Ed. and I am a certified teacher, I’m wondering if I should at least give them a call.


You know what I always say? It never hurts to call.

Good luck


That’s what I’m thinking!!!


For some reeason, I thought this was a Gieco car insurance commercial thread …


Sorry it took me so long, but tinkerbelle67 you should be fine. I know that they will also take a copy of your license/certificate instead of a check stub. My mom was also able to get this rate as an aide.


Does This Also Count For A Volunteer Catechism Church Teacher? Just Wondering


Please, assist me. What is the best, cheapest, fairest place to book Disney Hotels and second question?. What is the price of the dining package and is it worth it?


congrats on the discount. i think teachers should get a better discount but hey, saving $200 is better than nothing.