I Keep Forgetting


I’m getting all excited about our pop up trip in October. Trying to decide which parks to go to, as we are only going for 4 days and doing 2 days of parks. MK is a given for the kids. I was thinking Epcot for the other, but then got to thinking of HS, because I really love ToT and RR. And then I remembered, bean in the belly. Rides are out for me. Darn. So I get to thinking “Oh, I’ll just do things like Soarin.” Ohhhhh yeah, the whole pregnancy thing. I’ve never been in my state and I guess it means I’m on toddler duty, who also can’t go on most rides. Man, I’m going to miss my favorite rides!


I vote Epcot… Congrats on the “bean in the belly”… love that statement :slight_smile:


I vote HS. Toy Story Mania, Stunt show and the ambiance of the park is enough to make my family happy for the day. Let alone we can enjoy Starring Rolls and The Brown Derby. I’m ready!


Hey, congratulations on the bean in your belly WDW is going to be fun no matter what.


You can walk World Sowcase and eat at the food and wine festival. Thats what I am going to do for sure. My first time there and you bet we will eat our way through.


I’m praying I can eat by then. I’ve been dealing with all day sickness, am on meds, and have big issues eating. Dh wanted a spur of the moment trip this weekend but I had to say no because me going to Disney and not eating would be heart-breaking for me. By October I should be ready to eat my heart out!


How far along are you?


no wine though! that sucks!


I don’t drink anyway, so food is just fine with me. I’m 9+ weeks now, will be 17 weeks for our trip, so should be ok by then.


It took me years to be able to ride ToT, RnR and TT because I was prego everytime we went. 3 months the 1st time and 7 months the 2nd. I did do Splash Mountain and BTMR when I was 3 months but didn’t dare do the others…shhh don’t tell I broke the rules:whistling

Now that my DDs are older both can say that their first trip to WDW was in my belly :wub:

I vote for Epcot. I enjoyed that the most when pregnant and it was October when we went when I was 7 months pregnant. I could always find a place to sit and plenty of a/c in the pavillions if needed. I wore tevas the whole time for my fat Flintstone feet:glare: and didn’t have a problem at all. Well other than my mother telling me to take it easy and constantly reminding me how swollen my feet were by the end of the day…you know just being a Mom:wub:


[QUOTE=AprilandtheKids;1047182]I don’t drink anyway, so food is just fine with me. I’m 9+ weeks now, will be 17 weeks for our trip, so should be ok by I don’t drink either but I can eat some good food.