I knew this was coming



Disney had no viable option,there lack of speed to address the 2 park syndrome lead to this,while the land for the third park has been in their hands for years now and knowing the impending crowd crunch they sat on their hands and did nothing…their answer was to raise the AP’S to say 699.00 for premium …and try to thin the ap ranks by thinning out the affordability,now they suspend renewals…couple that with crowds becoming increasingly less Disney in attitude (fantasmic chaos,parade unfriendliness etc …this move is to once again make affordability out of reach for a larger group, personally I might be against this type of action but the combination of Disney trying to reign in the DAC program, and the people cutting lines looking to catch up to no one,and constant complaing to Guest services just to get special treatment,it was bound to happen but I can tell you if premium annual passes go by the boards my days at DLR will end with that policy…Money speaks in many ways it talks for dsiney and it talks for me …


One more comment…we here in CA have a culture clash and part of what you see is to address this just trust me on this issue


Doesn’t this happen every year? combine your posts into one post please.


the price increase yes but if you read on further they suspended the AP’S for socal one version is gone and they hinted that premium AP’S also might be on the chopping block,this does not happen every year,and if I could’ve I would not have made several posts but the web site kept coming up with data base error so I I split them ,sorry


The problem at DLR is 1.3 million AP’S they tried to raise prices substantialy and it got some results but not enough so they are resorting to eliminating AP’S that include sundays as a no blackout time now you either get the low end with many blackout dates or the deluxe with far fewer but at a much higher buy in…to me this is a big issue to talk about but so far not to many comments sadly,once again MB is slowly losing steam…sorry to heat that…a similar post on mice chat got many responses…sadly I like this forum better but it seems to losing momentum


I have to say, as someone who will soon be moving to Southern California, I was a little bummed about the discontinuation of the season pass which includes Sundays. However, Saturdays were always blacked out with that pass, so I was looking more at the premium pass, anyway. It’s just odd to me that there is such a difference in price ($700 for no blackout dates at two parks in California is just as expensive as the annual pass at Walt Disney World which allows you admission to four parks), but I guess these articles are proving why - people are willing to pay. Annual passes at WDW just seem like such a better deal - I suppose because WDW doesn’t get as many locals, but rather vacationers.


That is the big issue more locals and yes tourist but at a different ratio,what was troubling about the article was it mentioned that the premium pass might also be part of the program in the future.A good friend of mine has informed me( I have no reason to doubt him) that in japan there are no annual passes and Disney might use the same tactic here,that to me would change my outlook completely and my participation as a Disney fan.I like the versatility of going up there for a long weekend or just for the day etc thus the premium allows me that option,while I do’t mind planning in advance my WDW vacations I don’t believe I would be inclined to put that much effort into DLR.


I think with a price like $700 for a premium annual pass, they are really trying to push people to purchase however many 2/3/4-day tickets at a time, rather than pay for unlimited year-long access.


It will be interesting to see it play out especially when they finally announce the expansion of the third park…I can envision 999.00 for premium annual at that point if that option is still available


From what I’m reading on another board is that DL is a preteen babysitter, and that Mom’s drop the kids off on the way to work and pick them up on the way home. $700 is still a lot cheaper than hiring someone to watch the kids for an entire summer. So, I wonder if a price hike really will deter a lot of locals…I think maybe not.


And on a related but slightly different note, Disney stock jumped again on the news. It has gone up over 90% over the last three years. Not a bad investment, unfortunately it is only 10% of my portfolio! ! !



[QUOTE=GrumpyDad;1142037]And on a related but slightly different note, Disney stock jumped again on the news. It has gone up over 90% over the last three years. Not a bad investment, unfortunately it is only 10% of my portfolio! ! !


Yes that unforuneatly is what drives these decisions,I did some math the other day and in 1964 I made what I believe was 1.15 an hour and if we took the cost of living and added that to that minimum wage that number would be approximately $ an hour 23.00 …the only people who actually made that cost of living run are top tier of executives ,thus the middle class shrunk and the poor got poorer,somewhere there is a correction coming.I just hope its peacefully attained.Don’t get me wrong I have a nice house,2 great cars and am retired comfortably,but I do not endorse greed…a rising tide floats all boats …sorry for this thread but I do hope someone at Disney understands it was started by a mouse and it should not be just for the rich… t