I know how we all enjoy a good mug discussion so


Looks like they are finally rolling out the new RFID chipped mugs at all resort hotels:

Orlando Theme Park News: “Rapid Fill” Mugs Coming to Walt Disney World Hotels

I didn’t know if this should go in resorts or restaurants but I always think of the food court as part of the resort so I put it here. Mods, feel free to move it if you think it fits better in Restaurants.

I am annoyed they are jacking up the price but not annoyed that they are trying to do something about mug abuse. :laugh:


We usually get them free with buyi g the dining plan…we usually dont use them.
It is a pain to carry them all day and no one wants to go back to the room. Plus we dont always eat at the resort in the morning.


We have always purchased a mug each visit since they starting selling them…i don’t mind the fact that they are trying to keep people from cheating/abusing the system, but they keep going up.

I will have to find out the current price of drinks per to see if it’s worth it now…it has always been cheaper to buy the mug because we use it at least twice a day—breakfast and evening drink before bed…

We also use the mugs in the room…so we know which is which easily…but if it’s not worth it, I’m not going to continue…


I think it’s kind of laughable the amount of money they’re spending to prevent people from stealing a drink which might cost Disney all of 20 cents. That being said, I don’t think this RFID is being put in place to make people follow the rules. I think Disney is just trying to convert everything to RFID right now, and that’s just something else that can be connected to your room key. But even more importantly, it will give them more usable data - how many families purchase mugs? A mug for every person of the family? How often do they refill this mug a day? What drinks are most popular at what times of day? How do mug purchases correlate with the resort guests are staying in, how much they spend on food and in the gift shop, etc. RFID all over the resort will provide them with accurate, time-tracking data which can be utilized endlessly.


A tracking device was my first thought, especially since so many businesses have gone to that. But when I read that this will also be available to non-resort guests I find it hard to monitor those individuals since there will be no personal data attached to the purchase.


Maybe not yet, but my guess is that in the next 20 years, Walt Disney World moves to a completely cashless system where all guests pay only with their KTTW cards. This is already practiced on their cruise ships, and the difficulty with adding this to the park happens with non-resort guests. However, I think that RFID will soon change that. Say that instead of receiving paper park tickets, all guests get RFID KTTWs (they are already approaching this with the magic bands and RFID passes for AP holders) that their credit card is attached to (no credit card? go to guest services and give yourself a cash or travelers’ check credit - heck, you can even give Disney gift cards). Everything they purchase in the park or at the resorts is then available for Disney to track. It will also increase the rate of sales - no more change, just tap, sign, go. This is the future.


[QUOTE=faerie dust;1135562]We usually get them free with buyi g the dining plan…we usually dont use them.
It is a pain to carry them all day and no one wants to go back to the room. Plus we dont always eat at the resort in the morning.[/QUOTE]

Diddo. The drink machines are generally so far from the rooms at DVC that it’s just not worth it. Last trip, we picked our up on day of check out to bring home.

$8.99 a day! Now if it was a BEER refillable mug maybe. :laugh:


How interesting that this thread was here today, when I checked in! My husband and I were just discussing this yesterday, wondering if it was worth it to keep buying the mugs. I am uncertain too, as to keep on buying mugs - not sure about the money saving aspect or not but your input to the topic is thought-provoking. Will have to check it out in October and go from there.


[QUOTE=rlcarmichael;1135575]Diddo. The drink machines are generally so far from the rooms at DVC that it’s just not worth it. Last trip, we picked our up on day of check out to bring home.

$8.99 a day! Now if it was a BEER refillable mug maybe. :laugh:[/QUOTE]

…remember that 8.99 for one day…the longer you stay, the less it becomes…so if you stay 6days…for example…it’s 2.99 a day…if you use it once it works out…

So you do have to work out if it’s worth the cost for your visit as well as the trouble…at POFQ where we stay, it’s a short distance to the food court…we go up for breakfast without backpacks then come back to wash our mugs and get stuff for the day…

Then in the evening, we do it in reverse…go to the room and put our stuff down then walk the couple of minutes back to use the mug for decaf, soda or hot choc…

So yes…doesn’t work out for everyone…I think one time I worked out we had to be staying at least 4 days for the mugs to be worth it but that changes with pricing…

I still will have to calculate before our next visit to see if the cost is worth it…and if we can’t get into POFQ, the resort may determine purchase as well…


Big Brother is watching.:glare: I don’t know about others, but I’m starting to get creeped out about all this data Disney can gather. Not that I have anything to hide (well, nothing Disney would be interested in), just the feeling of always being watched. I’ll make it easy for them: I don’t buy a mug, have never bought a mug, don’t intend to buy a mug and the only thing I drink in the parks is water that we buy from Publix. There.


…no tea Ms LLama … not sure where you would get a good cup of tea though—the water at Disney isn’t the greatest tasting IMHO…:smile:


I am not so creeped out about all the data collecting but I hate the idea of having everything tied to the MagicBand or even the KTTW card. I am one of those who does not generally put charging privileges on my KTTW card, mostly because I use cash or my Disney Visa Rewards cards. I know it is the wave of the future and if I don’t like it, I don’t have to vacation there, but it annoys me that Disney will dictate HOW I spend my money.


DH and I were discussing this yesterday after I read the Orlando Theme Park News article.

Like everyone else, I want to get things as cheap as possible but, that said, Disney is a business for profit. You don’t operate that successful of a business by giving stuff away and all of these profit altering changes add up.

Assuming a drink only costs Disney $.20, that still accumulates to a lot of lost revenue in a year. Figuring WDW has approximately 27,000 rooms. Assume 1/2 of those rooms occupants purchase mugs for a family of 4. That’s 54,000 mugs in use. 2 drinks per day @ $.20 each adds up to nearly $7.9 million annually.

Plus, increased tracking generates customer insight which can benefit both Disney and the consumer. We are tracked in nearly every facet of our lives. It’s just the way it is today.

Despite the high cost of a Disney trip, you still get a lot of bang for the buck. The Fantasyland expansion alone was reported to cost over $3 billion. If we want more expansions, new rides and experiences, it stands to reason that costs are going to rise across the board.


Well - I’ll always make an exception for a nice cup of tea…:happy: (I’m enjoying one right now). But, alas, as you point out, it’s hard to find a good cup of tea at the World - Grand Floridian Tea Room, excepted.


Well, at least the towels are still free to take home.


I carry a small pack with a few items and usually stick my mug in since I like to eat ice throughout the day on hot days so carrying a mug around is nothing new. I guess now I won’t be breaking the rules with my newly purchased mug each trip by filling it up at the resort i’m at :rolleyes:
But I’ve always felt it should be able to be used on the trip it was purchased.

(i’m ducking now)


for now until they RFID them and charge you by mail when you leave with them. :ph34r:

I think we will just stick with what we have always done since we drive we always get a few cases of drinks for in the room and water for in the park.


We’ve always bought the mugs and, despite the price increase, will continue to do so because it makes sense for our family. We generally take trips that are anywhere from 8-11 days, I figure it is still less than $2 a day for beverages for each of us, which is about the cost of a drink at a restaurant at home. Plus, we have a nice souvenir to take home with us. The only thing that I am unhappy with is that the picture I saw of the RFID mug showed the same design as they’ve had for the past few years. I was hoping for a new design for next year.


We always wait to find out where our room is before we decide to buy a mug. Sometime we just buy a few bottles of soda. It may end up costing about the same, but we don’t use the mugs at home so that’s not a bonus for us.


Honestly, I don’t think the mugs are that awesome. They sell a lot of cuter things in the gift stores that don’t come with free refills. So if I were getting it for the purpose of using it at home, I would buy one that I really liked - not just the generic ones they sell for refilling.

We have a cabinet full of free WDW and cruise mugs that go unused after we get home. Actually, we have found a recent use for them - taking booze on the beach. :laugh: