I know ONE thing! My family knows how to GET LOST!


and later today, I’ll tell how HOW I figured that out :c)

But, just so you know, the Meet and Greet was FABULOUS


:happy: Glad you made it home! Now on with the TR…Pretty please! :wub:


I hope you found your way home last night Erin!!! :tongue:


Don’t worry Erin. I’ve been an AP’er since 1999,and there are still times when I get turned around at Disney.


I can’t wiat to hear your take on the M&G, it sounds like so much fun.


Oh, what a tease! COME ON!!!


Erin, all I have to say is Onstar! Heehee!


Alright, you ready!?


YES! :happy: Bring it on!


I am so ready!!


Hurry up! :ninja:


She did not just ask us if we were ready, then sign off…



She’s such a tease!


Wasn’t that a shameless attempt at a post count jackup!? :wink:


Here we go, for real.

Me, Mikie, Sissy, and Miss Caisley.

We leave the house around 10. It’s beautiful out. Sunny, clear, and warm!

Our agenda is to:
Get to WDW property, meet Cavey and Lil, and hang out for a while.
Go to the MK, and hang out in Tomorrowland for a while
Head over to the Meet and Greet, meet everyone, and unfortunately, leave early, because I’m sharing my car with someone else in the house.

If you look past my big old grin in this picture, look at Mikie. You think he’s excited?


hee hee looks excited - and you look BEAUTIFUL!


Aren’t they though? :heart: :wub:



It’s breathtaking! I’m on the phone with Ingamba at the time, bragging about passing different WDW landmarks, and really enjoying myself!!

Here’s a picture of the WL!


You look great and Mikie looks so excited!

Thanks for the picture of WL, it beautiful!


R O F L!!! pooor inGAMba hahahahaha


Yes, she timed the teasing perfectly. Rubbing it in about where she was, while I was home, awaiting a BLIZZARD! :nonono2: