I know this is really early to ask


But when will Disney host MNSSHP? I want to book my trip this weekend but want to stick to a date… Will they have it towards the end of Sept?


i cna’t remember the site, but last year i found estimated dates. i’ll go look for it for you.

i would bet it’ll be end of september, and all of october - that’s what it has been in the past!


2nd weekend of september all the way through ocotber. It’s mostly weekends, but as the time gets closer to halloween, they have week day parties as well. Try going for them as they are as crowded as the weekend ones.


ok, here are last years dates:

The dates for 2007 are: September 14, 21, 28, 30; October 4, 5, 8, 11, 12, 14, 16, 18, 21, 23, 25, 26, 28, 30, 31, November 2

i didn’t see the estimated dates anywhere, sorry. i’ll bet they are VERY similar to these from 2007 though.


yah they usually have about 4 parties at the end of September


Thanks guys… I was hoping that there would be some in the early part of Sept…


Just so you guys know, the first MNSSHP this year is currently scheduled to be…get ready for this…August 29th. I’ll type it again. August 29th. Once they make it official they’ll drop it on the site. But here at MK they told me August 29th.


wow - that is early. seemed busier to me this year than last (and that was in september), so i wonder if they are doing more of them this year?!

thanks for the info RR!


It is a little early… Im looking to book for that reason but still wanted to go around my DD bday.


oh, i meant august is early for halloween party - not planning for it! i was in your boat last january, planning for september/october! drove me nuts to have to wait on info!! i want it now!

makes me even crazier to be planning for 2009 - there is nothing i can do except speculate at this point! :blink:


Wow, august is super early fo rthe Halloween Party, I thought last ear when we went on Sept. 14th it was early, lol!


I told you they’d be done with the summer Pirate and Princess Parties before Labor Day.:pirate:
As for the Halloween parties, in the past, the September dates have been Friday nights only. Once into October there are 3 or 4 parties a week, mostly on week nights. I remember going on a Sunday in 2002, but I’m not sure they’ve had Sunday dates since, and hard ticket events on a Saturday in the MK are verbotten.


Anyone have any idea when the Halloween Party tickets might be set to go on sale for 2008? Late Spring maybe? I’ve never been to the MNSSHP but I am excited this year to hopefully go, we’ll be there Oct. 8th-15th.


I remember when we went I bought tickets in early July and the dates had been out for awhile…I remember we went on a Tuesday…if that helps.:laugh:


That does help, maybe I will ask for the tickets as my birthday present in July. I hope we are able to go on a weekday, I bet it’s A LOT less busy than a Saturday party.


I think tickets went on sale in May. I know they were available in June.


Thanks for the info. I will be going from 9-19 9-27 so I hope they have it then if not I need to change my dates because the kids want to go so bad to MNSSHP


In the past it has been May 1st, I want to say…


YES!!! You just made this little-girl-at heart SO happy!
singing happy halloween to you…and you…and you and you and you and you… I actually just teared up…sware it…


In September in the past, Halloween parties have been scheduled for Friday evenings, starting in the middle of the month and there were 3 parties. With the start before Labor Day, I’d be confident that they are still going to do just Fridays. As your dates are a 10 day period, I’d be confident you won’t miss the party.

In 2006 during our stay there were parties on the 22 and 29.
In 2007 they were on the 21 and 28, which were pretty much the dates of our visit.