I know you get a 10% discount on merchandise in the parks with your credit card


but do you get the 10% discount in the parks when you use your rewards dollars if you have your card with you?


I believe that is a YES! as long as you show your credit card. My kids always get a Rewards card for their spending money. When we were at the World of Disney Store at DTD in Dec my DD was buying something with a rewards card, I just showed my credit card and she got the 10% off.


Thanks so much, MickeyEars! I have a rewards card that I’m taking with us in August for the kids’ spending money. DH was the one who actually thought of the discount. I’m excited–this means they’ll be able to get more for their money! Thanks again!


Thats good to know when we go next year Thanks for asking and the answer


Yes! I had rewards dollars once and I actually forgot to bring my CC with me (I wasn’t carrying it around since we don’t really use it that much) and the lady knew where I got the card from so she asked if I had my Disney Visa. I said no but she gave me the 10% anyway. I can’t say you’d be that lucky all the time if you forget your card but it does lead me to believe you can definitely get the 10% if you have it with you.


Very nice clerk! I’m going to try to remember to just tuck my CC in with my rewards card in my purse on our trip. I REALLY want my 10% discount. I’m all about discounts, Disney and elsewhere.


Is this discount just at World of Disney or other places in the parks as well?


With so many different amounts offered at different places I have gotten in the habit of keeping my AP, Visa, Military ID and TiW card together in a small holder so they can be grabbed quickly whenever someone is going to make a purchase. Everyone knows to see Dad before they go to the register. I loose track so I just fan them out and the CM’s know the best deal… I hope. :ohmy::mellow:


I’ve gotten the discount in stores in the parks when I’ve used my CC to make purchases.


That’s exactly what I would do too. I love a discount! The little red tags in Target call my name. DH wishes I didn’t love bargains so much!:laugh:


Great! Thanks for the reminder, I always forget about this discount, and we use our Disney CC everywhere!