I leave in 13 days, and


I STILL HAVEN’T PACKED ANYTHING!!! I just realized that I leave in 13 days, and I still haven’t done anything to get ready! I guess once DH gets home today, I am going to have to start, but I first need to figure out what kind of clothing to bring in January. I called my cousin who lives in Orlando, and she said that the key to Orlando January weather is to layer, because the temperature drops by about 20-30 degrees slowly during the day in January! This is going to make my packing even harder!!! :confused:


Don’t worry…you have time. I have never packed early for any vacation or trip:blush: I think I work better under pressure:laugh: I always make a list of everything I need but don’t pack until the day before. You still have time though so don’t panic.


You have plenty of time, if I pack too early I pack and repack so many times and I forget things bacause I take stuff out that I need before we leave.

We just got back a few days ago and needed layers. I was like you and didn’t know what to take so I packed tons and we ended up needing about all of it. My son and I wore jeans, a T shirt, and a sweatshirt or jacket every day. Most days we took off the sweatshirt for most of the afternoon but as soon as the sun went down we needed it again. Our afternoons were warm (75-80) but the evenings were cool (about 60). My DH worer shorts and a sweatshirt most days and he was fine but I don’t think I would have been fine in shorts in the evenings or at night.


layering is the way we did it in january 3 years ago - we wore jeans and short sleeve shirts, with jacket/sweater/sweatshirts on top. we had a stroller, so when we peeled the layers, we were good to go (and it was a nice pillow for sleeping DD - lol).

hmmmm…shoes would be my issue. i loved my crocs sandals in september - i wouldnt want sandals if its cold tho. doubt i can go back to tennis shoes. something to consider in my jan vs june debate. haha - can you imagine me telling DH “we have to go in june so i can wear my sandals” - he’d know for sure i’d lost it!!


Wow!! 13 Days?!

Have a GREAT time NJMommy! You’re gonna’ have an awesome time!!


I work better under pressure too. :laugh:

No worries, you still have plenty of time NJMommy! Just start by making a list of EVERYTHING you need to take. Then pare it down if you can, and pack the things you won’t need to use between now and the time you leave.


I didn’t officially start packing for our trip until a couple days before we left. You still have plenty of time. The weather last week was pretty nice just pack jeans and t shirts for during the day and sweatshirts at night.