I look like a Disney character


Has anyone here ever started a thread about people or pets that resemble Disney characters? If not. I will:mickey:

This is my wife’s grandfather.


OMG that is as close as you can get it. Such a great look a like.


LOL, that is so funny. I definitely see a resemblance.


Too cute! :heart:


OMG, that is just the cutest thing ever! :heart: If I didn’t know better I’d sware that the Pixar artists took inspiration straight from your Grandfather-inlaw


wow, that’s amazing!


This is hilarious!!! Thanks for the laugh!


He passed away in '98 at (I believe) 92.

C’mon. There has to be more people (or pets) out there that look like a Disney character. Take a good look at your family and post some pics.

My (wifes’) nephew actually looked like Russell (from UP!) about 10 years ago. I’m trying to find a pic of him when he was Russells age. Watching this movie was like watching some bizarre family reunion.:laugh:


That’s really cute!! I loved UP!!


I am laughing out loud. How cute is that?


wow!! he sure does!!!


Thats such a great likeness!


:laugh: Too cute!!!


I’m still fighting the delusion that I want to look like any princess, when the reality is more like Ursula. :laugh:


haha, actually, you know what… I’ll retract Ursula. After taking a 2nd look at my avatar I’ll say Jessie the cowgirl from Toy Story 2! :tongue: I used to have more reddish hair too. :laugh: Not to mention my name is Jessica, close enough to Jessie. :tongue:


Ah Wishy I think you look like CInderella!!!


Thanks, but have you ever met me? :laugh: :tongue:


Alright , talk about being creepy !!! I had now Idea we wore the same hat!!!


Apparently you drink the same beer too.


Disney could hire him and save on the costume costs!